Attack from within: Covid vaccines REPROGRAM the immune system to destroy vital organs

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Two German pathology professors, Arne Burkhardt and Walter Lang, held a press conference the other day to present evidence indicting Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” as organ-destroying death shots.

The duo showed 10 autopsies of people who died not long after getting jabbed for the Fauci Flu. All of them were over the age of 50, and their intervals of death following injection varied within a two-week window.

In at least five of the 10 cases, Burkhardt and Lang observed “lymphocyte riot” within the bodies, meaning an excess of lymphocytes had built up in tissues like the liver, kidneys, spleen and uterus.

These lymphocytes aggressively attack these organs and tissues as if they were foreign invaders, which is basically a form of autoimmunity. The end result was organ damage leading to death.

In only two of the cases, vaccination was officially ruled to be a “probable” cause of death. One case is still being evaluated, while the remaining two were deemed “rather coincident” or “possibly” related to the jabs. (Related: Did you catch our story about how the graphene oxide in covid injections self-assembles inside the body to create radio frequency transmission materials?)

Why risk dying just to maybe, possibly avoid the covid sniffles?

Another German doctor, Prof. Peter Schirmacher, investigated 40 autopsies using similar criteria as Burkhardt and Lang. He discovered that they, too, showed tissue damage at the microscopic level.

At least one third of these cases died directly from the injections, via either cerebral vein thrombosis or some form of autoimmune disease.


The reason why the remaining two-thirds were not deemed to have been caused by the shots is because lymphocytic myocarditis is rarely detected macroscopically, meaning it is thus not recognized histologically.

These are complicated-sounding medical terms, but suffice it to say that certain scientific loopholes allow for a convenient overlooking of this link – not to mention the fact that lymphocytic myocarditis is often mistaken as a general infarction that gets blamed on other causes.

Autoimmune destruction is the most lethal effect of covid injections, according to Burdkhardt. He and his partner identified three extremely rare, jab-induced forms: Sjogren’s syndrome, leucoclasmic vasculitis of the skin, and Hashimoto’s disease.

“Other life-threatening adverse events include a reduction in immune system function, vascular damage, vasculitis, perivasculitis and erythrocyte clumping,” notes Exposé News.

What this all goes to show is that covid injections, like most vaccines – though in a much more severe and direct way – damage natural immunity, both innate and adaptive.

They prime the body for immune depletion, leaving it more prone to infection, virus interference, cancer and other deadly diseases that are much worse than “covid.”

People who get double jabbed are especially prone to problems as their bodies produce noticeably less interferon later on when they encounter other germs.

One study declared that covid injections directly hamper innate immunity, resulting in increased susceptibility to covid – so what, exactly, is the point of these shots?

The answer to that question is not disease prevention – that is for sure! By all appearances, these injections are death jabs disguised as medicine. And even if a person does not die immediately, he or she basically now has vaccine-induced AIDS (VAIDS), which means premature death could still be on the horizon.

According to Burkhardt, these medical coding standards used for finalizing death certificates are “completely unsuitable” and “ultimately statically worthless” because they fail to properly identify the jabs as the root cause of many deaths.

“How can public health officials and medical doctors make any progress on Covid-19 and effective prevention measures if the cause of death is flagrantly generalised and the pathological evidence is ignored?” asks Exposé News.

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