Badass Rancher Delivers ‘F**k Around and Find Out’ Warning

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(Warning- Plenty of “F Bombs”)

 In this short, explosive video a rancher levels his outrage on the attempted disarmament of Canada and the U.S. citizenry. People need to realize full out that these pronouncements and edicts are globally coordinated campaigns run by Turdeau’s and the doddering paedo Biden’s HANDLERS. These self-sanctified puppets are all handed central banker written scripts along with the roles that they’re to play out. Political parties, publicly professed allegiances and other nationalist subterfuges all matter not in this game and are all just dramatic roles played out like you see in professional wrestling.

This newly propagated and West-focused disarmament campaign aims to circumvent both man-made and natural laws of self-protection in order to pre-stage planned gun confiscations. This should telegraph to you two things, one is they are terrified of an armed populace that stands in the way of them imposing full, unbridled tyranny.

The second, is the urgency, organization and coordination to which this all is occurring in the Western Hemisphere. This indicates that the sub-human predator class is planning on deploying some very nasty things down the road just a bit. They have criminal agendas and operations they plan to carry out without repercussions nor impediment and that requires a gun deprived populace.

Stay frosty, be prepared and get information out to the world.

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