Are You In A Cult?

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Take a moment. Stop. Think. Do you belong to a cult? Do you turn off your mind and just follow orders? Are you a “conformist” or a moralist”?

If you were one of the Uvalde police officers would you just stand there while children were being killed or would you have said “screw the orders captain I’m going in”? The “cult of statism” is basically anyone who blindly follows “authority” regardless if it is immoral.

“Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth”~ Albert Einstein

In one way or another we are all subject to the effects of cults. When I try to warn my family and friends about things going on in this world, I am usually greeted with “oh, I’m not worried about what those other people are doing”. If thousands or millions of “other people” are calling for violence to you or a smaller group of people, then most likely violence will come your way whether or not you care what “they” are doing.

If you are one of these people that see an article, skim over it, and the words seem to make you uncomfortable then you pass on it, then you are just following societies “cult of personality” to just run away from anything that makes you feel uneasy instead of taking the time to thoroughly go over that article with an open mind and learn from it.

Getting back to the topic of authority, do you believe that a certain “group of special people” have the right to steal from you and not be called criminals? Do you believe “certain groups” have the right to do bodily harm to you, when you have done no harm to them or others? Do you believe that you should blindly follow these “special people” as a test of your morals? Do you believe that it is right to “vote” for these “cultists” that will go and do unjustly things to other people on your behalf?

Do you remember signing a “social contract” when you were born or at any other time in your life that would force you to follow a cult and do things that you do not agree with? I know that I did not sign a contract. The only contract I have is with God, whom gave me my rights, not any “special cult” that thinks my rights are “privileges” they grant me.

Everything that I have written above came to me after watching the following video from Brian on his “Here’s The Deal” channel. I listened to what he said, with an open mind, and decided to write this. I do not “blindly” follow Brian’s every word, nor do I want anyone to “blindly” follow my every word. I want to present the information and hope that you will do your own research and self-reflection. I challenge each and every person that reads this to question yourself everyday.

Ask: Am I in a cult?

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