Biden and the globalists will destroy the oil industry and collapse the American energy grid

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President Joe Biden and his globalist allies in the federal government are intentionally sabotaging the American oil industry to bring about the collapse of the U.S. energy grid.

Following the defeat of Biden’s climate agenda in Congress, the president has decided to instead resort to executive powers to get his alarmist climate agenda acted. (Related: Biden is using the “climate crisis” to end American prosperity.)

“Climate change is literally an existential threat to our nation and to the world,” claimed Biden during a speech on Wednesday, July 20, announcing his executive climate program. “The health of our citizens and our communities is … at stake. So, we have to act.”

Biden’s climate programs will cost American taxpayers over $2.3 billion. The money will be redirected from the existing budget of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The plan includes $385 million to help states fund the purchase and installation of air conditioning units in homes and community cooling centers. Funding has also been redirected to programs that help communities prepare for disasters by expanding flood control and retrofitting buildings and helping families pay for heating and cooling costs.

The president has also ordered the Department of the Interior to expand the creation of wind and solar power generation, including advancing proposals for new offshore wind farms in the Gulf of Mexico, Florida’s Gulf Coast and the mid- and southern Atlantic Coast. Biden wants to build over 30 gigawatts worth of offshore wind farms by 2030.


Biden’s climate program will dismantle the oil industry and destroy the energy grid

During an interview with Alex Jones on InfoWars, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger noted how Biden’s destruction of the American oil industry is deliberate and calculated.

“This is deliberate,” he said. “Joe Biden can’t blame Russia for this when Biden is signing the executive orders and declaring a climate emergency.”

“The ramifications of this are going to be mass starvation, food scarcity on a level we’ve never seen before, destitution, layoffs, homelessness and, on top of that, they’re just going to try to print money to push money into people’s hands,” said Adams.

Furthermore, Adams also noted that the so-called transition to a green energy grid is just an excuse to destroy American power generation infrastructure.

“It’s not a transition, it’s an extermination because the green energy infrastructure does not exist. It’s not ready,” said Adams. “They don’t have high-density power storage systems in order to store excess wind power or solar power.”

He noted that wind and solar power are both used as it is generated, and other technologies that could create enough energy to meet demand, including hot and cold fusion technology and low-energy nuclear reactions, have been suppressed.

“It’s being suppressed because they don’t want a solution,” said Adams. “They’re halting the energy that works, which is oil and fossil fuels, and then they’re saying, ‘We’re all going to be green while we starve to death and while your economy collapses and while there’s mass homelessness and social unrest and uprisings and riots and government collapse all across the world. That’s what they’re saying.”

Watch this video from InfoWars as Alex Jones interviews Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, about the globalist conspiracy to end the American oil industry and bring about the collapse of the energy grid.

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