Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos pushing for a new lab-grown meat industry that harvests the blood of unborn cow fetuses

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Some of the world’s wealthiest investors are putting their money into a new, lab-grown meat industry. This lab-grown meat is made from animal stem cells that are cultured and replicated in vitro. The cultured meat product is being touted as a solution to “climate change” because it reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that come from ranches, small farms and factory farms.

Investors and advertisers are calling this cultured protein a “clean meat product” because no animals are killed to produce it. However, this meat is not entirely “slaughter-free.” In fact, the animal cells are mass produced using fetal bovine serum (the blood of unborn cow fetuses).

The mother cows and their newborns must be slaughtered to collect the secret ingredient needed to mass produce lab grown meat. Due to its unique ratio of hormones, fetal bovine serum is currently the most efficient way to culture the animal cells. This is the same fetal bovine serum that has been used to mass produce cells for vaccine manufacture since the 1950s.

Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson and Hollywood A-listers clamoring to control food supply

Lock-down-loving elites like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos are clamoring to control the food supply and dictate the type of meat people are allowed to eat. Gates is buying up farmland across the United States and pushing for genetically engineered crops, geo-engineering of the weather and climate and digital surveillance and vaccine compliance systems. Now, Gates and Bezos are trying to prop up an entire industry of “cultured meat.” This industry is being funded under the guise of “sustainability,” “social responsibility” and as a solution to combat global warming and overpopulation. Instead of investing in small farms and promoting biodiversity and permaculture, world elites are trying to establish a centralized form of meat production and distribution – mass producing fake meats that are artificially replicated in a lab.


Hollywood A-listers such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey, Jr. and Ashton Kutcher are getting on the bandwagon and investing in this “cultured meat.” Kutcher said these methods support the “industrial-scale production of cultured meat, a key for a more sustainable and clean meat production.” He is investing in an Israeli cultured meat startup named MeaTech. Billionaire investor, Richard Branson, is investing in Memphis Meats, a company that produces meat from animal stem cells. Branson said: “I think that in the future clean and plant-based meat will become the norm, and in 30 years it is unlikely animals will need to be killed for food anymore.”

Will humans be able to assimilate nutrients from this fake meat product?

Lab-grown “clean” meat depends on slaughtered animals and uses the blood of unborn cow fetuses

Journalist Tom Philpott wrote about a “bloody secret behind lab-grown meat” in an article published in Mother Jones. This new lab-grown meat industry is by no means “clean,” “vegan” or “cruelty-free.” Philpott warned that the industry secretly uses fetal bovine serum which involves the “blood of unborn cow fetuses, extracted from their mothers after slaughter.”

Philpott wrote: “Scientists have had the ability to biopsy animal cells and keep them alive outside the body since the 1950s. These test-tube cells need food to flourish, and researchers found that fetal bovine serum provided the special sauce — the right combination of hormones to make cells hum.”

A liter of this serum currently costs about $1,000 per liter. Researchers from the University of California Davis estimated that the cultured meat would cost about $200,000 per pound if the industry continued to use fetal bovine serum. The lab-grown meat industry will be forced to find alternative ways to culture the animal stem cells, especially if they want to advertise that the product is “sustainable,” “vegan,” “cruelty-free” and “clean meat.”

A prototype of this cultured meat is being sold at the JW Marriott Hotel in Singapore South Beach. The hotel offers steamed chicken dumplings that are made with “real meat without slaughter.” However, the product is far from natural, is made using the blood of unborn cow fetuses and depends on the routine slaughter of cows.

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