Bill Holter: The fourth Industrial Revolution is designed to depopulate the world

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For precious metals expert Bill Holter, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is not just an artificial intelligence or AI takeover – it is designed to depopulate the world.

“This Fourth Industrial Revolution as I perceive it is that AI is going to take over. There will be less need for human capital. So there is a depopulation agenda,” Holter told host Clay Clark during the July 20 episode of the “Thrivetime Show.”

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, not many humans are needed to perform tasks because machines can perform them more efficiently with AI in control.

The financial commentator said the amount of serious illnesses and deaths that are happening clearly suggests that a depopulation event is going on.

“The people pushing for the Great Reset have been trying to move the final piece for many years,” Holter said. The disarming of the world, including the United States, is another indication that the globalists are about to intensify their attack on humans.

Holter said the greatest genocides in history all occurred after the societies were disarmed. And these are all parts of the globalists’ grand plan.

Clark said that Klaus Schwab, upon the recommendation of former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, started the World Economic Forum in 1971. Around that time, Kissinger told then-President Richard Nixon to take the U.S. off the gold standard.

According to Holter, taking the country’s financial system and economy off the gold standard means the central bank needs to “feed the losers so that they would not bankrupt the system.”

Jackery, Power the Outdoors

“The true definition of inflation is not the cost of goods going up or deflation going down, but the increase in money supply or the increase of money on the street,” Holter said.

The Federal Reserve took care of that by lending $16 trillion all over the world.

“There’s more debt outstanding in the United States [and] in the entire world than can ever be repaid. So one of two things has to happen. They are out to blow the money supply through the roof, which explodes inflation and completely erodes the value of your currency, whether it be dollars or euros or what have you. The other option is to let assets deflate, let the system collapse. And I believe the system collapsing is the plan they want. They want to destroy the system,” Holter said.

The former retail stockbroker said the economy is already in recession and the plan that is in place is a destructive plan. “The policies that have been put in place are nothing but bad intentions,” he said.

Holter pointed out that the inflation started when Joe Biden came into the picture.

Biden’s Build Back Better plan serves same purpose as WEF’s Great Reset

Biden’s Build Back Better plan, Holter said, is about tearing down everything first before rebuilding. It serves the same purpose as the WEF’s Great Reset. (Related: Joe Biden’s campaign odd-sounding campaign slogan ‘Build Back Better’ was actually taken from United Nations New World Order agenda.)

Clark also asked Holter about the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The financial commentator explained that the IMF was originally set up to help developing nations. He pointed out that the IMF and World Bank have been used to put nations in debt to the point where they could not make the payments.

“The IMF knew that there was going to be a default and when the default came, they would take over the resources of those nations,” Holter said.

The two also discussed the future of money, which is undergoing a dramatic change with the introduction of digital money or digital currency.

Holter said digital money will be issued by various governments. He added that digital money is going to be able to track everything that a person is doing. Those in control can just turn it off and stop people from making purchases outside of their zone so that they can’t travel, Holter warned.

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