Children’s book giant Scholastic releases LGBT guide for K-12 teachers

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Children’s book publisher Scholastic, which is known for its book fairs in schools, has released a radical LGBT guide for K-12 teachers.

Doug Mainwaring of LifeSiteNews reported on the development: “Scholastic is unequivocal in its pro-LGBT stance, devoted to obscuring timeless truths about the complementarity of the sexes while undermining children’s healthy identities as boys and girls. In fact, Scholastic goes so far as warning against the communication of immutable truths about nature and science to children.”

“Books and literature are never neutral,” the publisher declares. “By engaging with queer literature for children and young adults, you are disrupting the status quo that implies being cisgender, heterosexual and allosexual are the default.”

The 12-page guide also asserts that the word “queer” is “an umbrella term to refer to the breadth” of so-called “LGBTQIA+ identities.” It adds: “Everyone benefits from books with authentic representation of queer identities.”

However, Mainwaring noted that the LGBT guide is “aimed at driving woke neo-Marxist ideology deep into kids’ hearts and souls through the trusted adults in their lives.”

“The guide isn’t aimed at converting those adults. It merely seeks to overwhelm them with misinformation normalizing the notion of fabricated sexual and gender identities for children. Scholastic wants the adults in children’s lives to push kids into embracing woke identities so that they can become part of any one of a growing number of new victim classes defined by sexual depravity and confusion.”

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The LifeSiteNews journalist ultimately denounced Scholastic for being “an unapologetic ally in a political movement with deep Marxist roots that wields identity politics as a weapon of mass destruction, undermining and obfuscating timeless truth and upending immutable definitions about marriage, man and woman, boy and girl, son and daughter.”

Scholastic’s LGBT guide doesn’t even hide its radical agenda

Mainwaring wasn’t the only journalist who issued an open rebuke of the publisher’s LGBT guide for teachers. Sarah Holliday, reporter for the Washington Standvoiced out her disdain in a June 4 piece.

“Scholastic’s 2024 [LGBT] guide … [is] full of extreme LGBT ideology, and it makes no attempt to mask the progressive agenda,” she wrote. Holliday also pointed out that Scholastic’s claim of everyone benefiting from LGBT children’s books is a blatant lie as they “target kids at an age where they don’t fully understand what reality is.”

According to the Stand reporter, the guide’s recommended books contain questionable content that promotes concepts like transgenderism; same-sex couples and parents; the concept of “friends with benefits”; traveling to a “spirit realm”; and taking relationships “to the next level” with sexual intercourse.

“These books expose innocent, young and vulnerable children to inappropriate, explicit content. No child needs to be reading a book about LGBT ideology, much less books discussing pornographic content.” (Related: “Queer” American Library Association head wants to destroy traditional family values by filling children’s minds with pornography depicting “gay people doing gay things.”)

David Closson, director of the Family Research Council’s (FRC) Center for Biblical worldview, told the Stand that Scholastic is “seeking to mainstream and normalize ideologies what would have made no sense to any previous generation.” He ultimately warned that the publishing giant “is seeking to sow confusion amongst society’s most vulnerable population, which is our children.”

“The newspaper-like Scholastic magazines we poured over as children is no longer the Scholastic school children and teachers today experience,” lamented Meg Kilgannon, senior fellow for education studies at the FRC. “Books designed to indoctrinate children with divisive or sexualized messaging are … dangerous.”

Closson ultimately exhorted parents, especially Christian ones, to be vigilant against this grooming happening in schools. He concluded: “I would especially argue that Christian parents have a discipleship responsibility to protect their children from these dangerous ideologies. If left unopposed, these ideologies will reap irreparable harm on younger generations and confuse them about some of the most basic concepts of human existence.”

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