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When I attempt to talk to people about how we, as Americans, need to pay close attention to what goes on in other countries I am usually met with denial. The most common response I hear is “oh, I’m not worried about what they do over there“. Another response is “that’s not happening in the U.S.”. What the majority of people think is that they should not worry about what is being done to the population of other nations. Well, if you do not study and learn what is being done “over there“, you will soon find out that it’s “here“.

One country that American politics have been influenced and taken over by is China. The “cult of China” has infiltrated more of American government than the “CNN watcher” is aware of. The social credit system of China is being pushed on America as we speak.

If you don not want your children, grandchildren, and yourself, for that matter, to live in a “digital prison” then you need to learn about what other countries are doing to their society and see how it is “knocking on your door“.

In this video, one topic that David talks about is the China owned Tik Tok and how it is being used to impact the attention span of people. I agree with David, because I have seen how more and more people do not have the mental ability to read or watch anything that is over two minutes long. Even if their life depends on it!

Here is David Icke taking about how China is taking over the world.

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