Commie Teacher Brags She’s Indoctrinating Students to ‘Turn Leftist’

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An SJW educator bragged she’ll turn her students into “leftists” in a TikTok revealing the true communist agenda being promoted in schools.

The video dug up by the Twitter handle @LibsofTikTok shows a teacher recounting when one of her students asked why she always goes on “anti-capitalist rants.”

“It’s because I’m the teacher that your parents warned you about,” she says, as dramatic music plays.

“I’m the professor that’s gonna turn your kids leftist,” the deranged teacher says with a creepy smile, adding, “Welcome.”

The disturbing video is just one more piece of evidence that subversive, radical Marxist indoctrination is underway in schools across America.

Here’s another SJW teacher freaking out when she realizes she can’t teach the racist Critical Race Theory curriculum in class.

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