Could HALF of America soon be just as cognitively impaired as Joe Biden?

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Ever seen Joe Biden walk around like a confused robot with bad wiring? He looks like a dysfunctional C-3PO from Star Wars, constantly looking for his wife, R2-D2, to help rewire him and give him instructions as to what to do, how to do it, and when. Just take a close look right after a speech (where he simply reads a teleprompter like a robot and can’t even get that right), or when he visits some factory or school.

It’s more than obvious that Resident Biden is currently battling DEMENTIA, as he often must remind HIMSELF who he is, and he can’t even get that right. Otherwise, he just spins around, talking to himself, wondering where he is and what he’s supposed to do next. This is very scary and needs much further review and consideration.

First off, why would any President of the United States need to repeatedly remind himself at the beginning of live interviews that he is “Jill’s husband?” This is highly suspect and typical of someone struggling with the onset of dementia, but it gets worse. Sleepy Joe’s old boss was in attendance at an event to try to revive the epic fail of Obamacare, when lying Joe forgot entirely that he is POTUS. This was not an April fool’s joke and did not happen on April 1st. Here’s how it went down.

Resident Biden currently thinks he is Vice President of  Obama – See video proof

Tuesday, April 5th: Resident Biden took to the podium and began speaking into the microphone: “My name is Joe Biden and I’m Barack Obama’s Vice President,” … “and I’m Jill Biden’s husband.” He doesn’t say just kidding afterward, and he transitions right into the reason his wife is not there with him, propping him up, telling him where to walk, and reminding him when he forgets what to do, or who he is.


Then, when ex-evil-empire ruler Barack Hussein Obama comes to the podium, he pretends that Biden was telling a joke by introducing himself as the Vice President, to cover up the horrendous truth that Obama IS actually running Washington DC, right now, and Biden forgot who he was.

Biden: “My name is Joe Biden. I’m Barack Obama’s Vice President.” By the way, the first part of this video has been scrubbed from all of YouTube to save face for the demented POTUS. Watch the video of Dementia Joe saying he’s VP here.

Now watch C-3PO-Biden in action in the 5th stage of dementia…

Deadly combination of food scarcity and gene-mutation injections could soon turn half of all Americans into demented, confused robots like Resident Biden

The engineered food crisis in America is quickly escalating, as planned. The demolition of fertilizer plants, the halting of trains delivering fertilizer and animal feed, the boycott of everything Russian, and now runaway inflation is fueling the biggest food shortage the world has ever seen, including America. Guess what folks? Food scarcity leads to cognitive decline. That’s right, our brains don’t work when we’re starving. Just imagine a nation of MILLIONS of C-3PO-Bidens walking around not knowing who they are or what they’re doing.

Once the grocery stores shelves go bare, most Americans will be trying to survive on staple food that’s GMO, void of nutrition, and toxic for the body. The majority of Americans have no idea how to store food, much less food with high nutritional value. Check their pantry and all they have is bleached rice and canned corporate GMOs. This is where it gets ugly fast.

If a person is being starved, he/she becomes confused from impaired cognitive function, plus have slurred speech, and then begin functioning like Resident Biden. Bad decision-making comes next, along with reduced moral judgment, altered social attitude, and a hunger-induced aggressive behavior (think food riots and home invasions in all major cities).

Simple organic fruits and vegetables could prevent all of this cognitive decline, but who has those stored, and how? (They’re called preppers). In the event of an emergency food grab in America, most people will dive for the meat, bread, potatoes, but that won’t last them very long. Plus, it gets much worse, because most of these unplanned, unprepared zombies already received several gene-mutation jabs for the Wuhan virus. This will compound the starvation and confusion problems because blood clots from the clot shots also cause confusion, stress, inflammation, and early death.

Clot shots and starvation will decimate America where half of all citizens become dumbfounded and confused idiots like Joe Biden

The COVID jabs are all designed to cause immense destruction inside the vascular system of every human injected. Without proper oxygen flowing in the blood, brain cells begin to die off, permanently. Miniscule blood clots in the brain cause confusion, speech problems, weakness, and headaches.

As billions of microscopic “spike protein” particles gather together, using nanotechnology, rubbery blood clots will compound the cognitive decline that’s in store for millions of people. Symptoms of blood clots in the brain include trouble speaking, trouble understanding others, and disorientation.

Global hunger is also on the way. Right now, about 25,000 people die every day as a result of hunger, or 9 million people yearly, as estimated by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) of the United Nations. Another 800 million people lack the right food to sustain a healthy life.

About 2/3rds of 4.3 billion people live undernourished in Asia, where there is a lack of food on a regular basis, including about 165 million children. Imagine what will happen when the whole world is searching for their next meal? Will 7 or 8 billion people suddenly slip into the final stages of dementia?

By observation, Resident Biden currently exists on stage 5 of the 7 stages of dementia – Moderately severe decline

Cognitive decline during dementia can be broken down into 7 stages or specific categories.

Stage 1: Seems Normal: Little-to-no symptoms visible, though brain changes are taking place

Stage 2: Forgetfulness: random memory loss sets in

Stage 3: Mild Decline: Person suffering doesn’t seem “quite right” as memory loss and confusion increase (can last 7 years)

Stage 4: Moderate Decline: signs of dementia become clearer to observers (lasts about 2 years)

Stage 5: Moderately Severe Decline: Person needs help with day-to-day living, like dressing appropriately or remembering simple facts about themselves, like that they are President of the United States (lasts about 1.5 years) and that they are someone’s spouse

Stage 6: Severe Decline: Constant supervision is required here, including assistance with washing, dressing, and even using the bathroom. Unfounded anger and aggression are common also (lasts about 2.5 years)

Stage 7: Very Severe Decline: Most people die before reaching stage 7, usually from other conditions, like blood clots from COVID jabs. If alive, these folks need around-the-clock care.

How soon until the clot shots and mass starvation have half of all Americans walking around dazed and confused like Sleepy Joe Biden? Bookmark to your favorite independent websites for updates on clot shots adding to the mayhem of serious food shortages in America.

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