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Seeing these “blue line gang members” do what they did to a 75 year old man makes me mad as hell! The Buffalo Police are seen pushing a 75 year old man to the ground that immediately causes him to bleed from the ear after hitting his head on concrete from the fall. He posed absolutely no danger the these sorry ass excuses for human beings. This is exactly the damn reason I got out of law enforcement. I saw a fellow deputy do something horrible to a disabled man. When I tried to tell the higher ranks I got the “code of silence” treatment and was asked by my lieutenant “are you sure you want to go down this road?”.

The officers have been charged with second-degree assault and of course they pleaded not guilty in their arraignment. Dozens of Buffalo police officers stepped down from the department’s crowd control unit Friday, objecting to their suspensions. The 57 members of the Buffalo Police Department’s emergency response team quit the unit “in disgust because of the treatment of two of their members, who were simply executing orders,” said John Evans, Police Benevolent Association president.

They quit the unit because of the “treatment of their fellow members, who were simply doing their job”? They should have been quitting because of what their fellow members did! I guarantee you that if this incident had not been video recorded by a news crew these tyrants would not have been charged. A camera is a cops worst nightmare! Film everything you can when it comes to these power hungry mobsters! Let’s start asking every cop we come across: What Do You See When You Look Into The Mirror? They don’t know what they see because none of them ever self reflect on the real reasons they wear the badge. It’s all about how much power they can display.

Below is Rick from Good Luck America breaking it down for us. Make sure you subscribe to his channel because he tells it to you straight!

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