Delusional Black suspect goes on 2-day, 2-state shooting spree on the hunt for White males

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“His assaults were racially motivated, and he was targeting white men.”

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In his quest to find white victims, Justin Tyran Roberts, a 39-year-old black man, took to the road, hunting men that didn’t look like him. The unfortunate innocent victims, white males with military physiques, were plucked off for 2- days in 2- states, wherever Mr. Roberts could find them. The suspect told police his assaults were racially motivated, and he was targeting white men, a detective testified Monday.

According to the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, Detective Brandon Lockhart testified on Monday that Roberts told police “white men had picked on him and wronged him for all his life.” he continued, “Basically, he explained throughout his life, specifically white males had taken from him, and also what he described as military-looking white males had taken from him.”

On Monday, Roberts appeared in court for a preliminary hearing regarding one of the incidents where he shot a man in the back as he was getting into his vehicle. Detective Lockhart testified that Roberts said, “I had to have him,” about the victim.

According to Lockhart, Roberts claimed that military-looking white males had been “shooting at him in a wooded area with a slingshot,” which had infected his skin, Mr. Lockhart testified. But he said police saw no evidence of injuries to substantiate that claim.

Public defender Robin King asked that Mr. Roberts be given a mental health evaluation, saying the man was clearly suffering from delusions. “The officer’s testimony has demonstrated that Mr. Roberts is having delusions and a disconnect from reality,” King told the judge.

5- shootings took place in 3 separate incidences in Columbus, Georgia, and Phoenix City, Alabama. All five victims are expected to recover.

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