Don’t Fall For The “Ye Distraction”…

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From the meeting with Trump, the “walk off” from Tim Pool, to this interview with Alex Jones. I see “Ye”, formally known as Kanye as nothing more than a distraction from the real world. I would even go as far as saying that Ye has been given instructions by his handlers to do all of this. When he speaks he rambles like he is under the influence of drugs and then he claims that sometimes he has like seven thoughts running through his mind as an excuse for the rambling.

Remember that Ye is an “entertainer”. So, I believe this clown show that he has been showcasing is just that. It is nothing more than a ruse to keep those that are in the “cult of personality” entertained.

As long as the masses are paying attention to Ye they are not watching what the elite, government, and the globalists are up to.

Even though I may not agree with everything Ye has to say, I do not want to silence him. He has every right to say anything and people have the right to listen or not listen.

Here are some of the comments that people are leaving about this interview with Alex Jones:

  • “You guys are idiots for letting him f**k you all over like that. Amatuer hour at infowars.”
  • “Why the f**k is he wearing that mask?”
  • “Are we to believe thats Ye?”
  • “Ye and the globalists are having a good laugh now jones is associated with some one who praises hitler according the the internet might be done jones it looks like the only one that can destroy jones is.”

Here is the circus interview of Ye with Alex Jones, in which he shows up with his face covered with a mask: (I would watch it simply to analyze what it is being used for.)

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