Doomsday bunker business is booming due to growing plandemic rebellion

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Atlas Survival Shelters CEO Ron Hubbard put out a video recently in which he warned that there is currently a mad rush among the elite to secure for themselves survival shelters.

The rich and powerful seem to know that something big is coming soon so they are getting prepared now by hoarding as many survival supplies as they can get their hands on before the well runs dry.

Hubbard speculates that these “elite,” both in the United States and abroad, are anticipating a “rebellion” that will escalate and become more apparent by the end of the year.

Americans especially are outraged over the fake “election” of Joe Biden to the White House. The entire country has been swirling the toilet financially and socially ever since, not to mention the regime’s Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” push.

In part of the video, Hubbard also delves into the conspiracies surrounding Denver International Airport (DIA), which some believe is the planned new North American headquarters for the ruling deep state.

Once the La Palma volcano splits and sends a tidal wave to the East Coast – this is one possible scenario that predicates moving the deep state’s operations out of Washington, D.C. – the stage will be set for relocating everything to Denver.

“Hubbard … confirms for us within the video the existence of the massive Denver International Airport bunker that we’ve heard so much about over the years, warning that it’s not only fully stocked and ready to go but the ‘global elite’ believe they’ll ‘rebuild’ society from that near-central U.S. location following ‘Armageddon,’” reported AllNewsPipeline.

“… what we’re now witnessing in the Fall of 2021 as ‘Joe Biden’s vision for America‘ becomes clear for all to see.”

America is fast becoming Venezuela with empty shelves and grocery posters depicting fake food

By design, the entire supply chain is in shambles. The “elite” know this, which is why they have been buying up farmland, houses and other assets that will become virtually priceless once fake fiat dollars from the Federal Reserve become worthless.

Some are seeing the writing on the wall but many continue to go about their lives as if all is well. Meanwhile, those at the top of the food chain are quietly making preparations for full-on war once the dominoes really start to fall.

We are still in the early stages of this impending doom, but once the big pieces fall it will rapidly pick up speed until there is nothing left. This is when the hidden bunkers being bought up by the “elite” will get put to full use.

“… we should all remember what happened in the Soviet Union right before their collapse, with retailers creating the appearance that everything was fine so empty store shelves don’t spark panic buying that would have strained supplies even more, doing so even right before ‘the walls came tumbling down‘ there,” AllNewsPipeline added.

“Think they’re doing the same thing here with those cardboard cutouts in grocery stores?”

Even those in denial about all this have to admit that America as we currently know it is not nearly as “plentiful” and well-off as it once was. This country is rapidly being reduced to third-world status and most people seem to have their heads in the sand.

Billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates is one such elitist hoarder who has been buying up bunkers, farmland and anything else he can get his murderous hands on before everything goes belly-up.

According to Hubbard, Gates currently has enough food and supplies in his possession to feed half a million people for several years.

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