DPS Chief Admits Officers Were Ordered To Stand Down In Uvalde Mass Shooting

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The Uvalde mass shooting in Texas was a tragedy. The law enforcements response to it was a tyranny. The fact that these officers stood by nearly an hour is pure cowardice. The “armed” officers were literally holding back parents that were willing to go in “unarmed” to rescue their children! (News Flash- if a person cannot go past a police line to save their child, then we do not live a free society!)

Then it took a brave Border Patrol agent and a mother that got past the officers to go in and rescue children. All of the officers that stood by and did nothing, should have their badges taken! They do not know what “to protect and serve” mean. They are mindless order followers who cannot think for themselves!

I have worked in law enforcement and I don’t care if my Sheriff told me to stand down, I would have entered that school and did my best to take down the threat. I would have dealt with the consequences later! But this is what law enforcement has become. Nothing but “thin blue line” thugs that do not want to put their lives on the line. Here is a message to any law enforcement officer out there: if you do not know how to set fear aside and do the right thing, then find another job! Today’s law enforcement have forgotten that they are “our public servants“. They think that “We The People” are their servants. Well, that needs to change!

Dear all officers in Texas that stood by: What Do You See When You Look Into The Mirror?

Here is the briefing from the “chief” concerning the shooting.

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