Employees Chase Down & Assault Customer Without A Mask…

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This article comes from “dcdirtylaundry.com

People, get yourself a police type bodycam and have it recording anytime you enter a business that you are exercising your right not to wear an oxygen depriving mask!

“The Manufactures tell you that masks do not prevent COVID-19 or disease, but the corrupt want you to believe otherwise!”

Disturbing video out of Canada shows a group of masked tire shop employees chasing, assaulting, and tackling a customer without a mask, in the latest example of COVID mask hysteria.

The video, shared by reporter Dan Dicks, shows about five masked Canadian Tire employees quickly surround and assault a maskless customer.

Soon the employees are chasing the customer around the store before tackling him to the ground as he yells for help.

“I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!” the man shouts as one of the employees puts him into a headlock.

“Film this, please! Film this!” the man yells at bystanders as he’s being subdued, with another employee seen trying to force the man’s hands behind his back.

Several government agencies, including Health and Human Services, and the UK’s Public Health England concluded that masks don’t effectively prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

“Compared with no masks, surgical masks were not associated with decreased risk for clinical respiratory illness, influenza-like illness, or laboratory-confirmed viral illness in household contacts when masks were worn by household contacts, index cases, or both,” HHS concluded.

Additionally, a landmark study from Denmark found that wearing masks didn’t provide protection from COVID-19 exposure.

“The recommendation to wear surgical masks to supplement other public health measures did not reduce the SARS-CoV-2 infection rate among wearers by more than 50% in a community with modest infection rates, some degree of social distancing, and uncommon general mask use. The data were compatible with lesser degrees of self-protection,” the researchers concluded.

Nevertheless, the Canadian government is continuing to impose harsh COVID restrictions – including mask mandates and social distancing orders – even as cases have been steadily declining since January.”

Oh, how the powers that are tolerated are sitting back and laughing at the people who refuse to do their due diligence in understanding what is taking place on a global scale.

It is up to us to put a stop to this before it gets out of hand!

On Friday, I had with Minnesota state representative Eric Lucero on the radio and the first thing that I had asked him was, “How is it that other states claim they have authority to do what Governor Kristi Noem from South Dakota cannot? His response was fiery and to the point.

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