Ex-intel officer Jeff Prather tells Ann Vandersteel: Ukraine is a puppet of US government, a biolab for fifth generation war

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Former intelligence officer and “Prather Point” host Jeffrey Prather told “Steel Truth” host Ann Vandersteel that Ukraine is a puppet of the United States government and a biolab for fifth generation war.

“Ukraine in itself is a biolab for fifth generational war, just as Ukraine is a puppet of the United States government – the government, not the American people. But the United States government is a puppet of the Deep State, global elites and China. And so that’s where we find ourselves now,” Prather told Vandersteel during the March 24 episode of “Steel Truth” on Brighteon.TV.

The retired special operations soldier said Russian President Vladimir Putin had to react to what was going on in Ukraine. He revealed that Putin saw the vectors, the bats and the birds being used on wind currents to take genetically modified, genetic, magnetic electronic and bioweaponry based upon CRISPR – a technology that can be used to edit genes.

Prather said intelligence is analyzed information that needs to be timely and honest. He pointed out that the mainstream media is now funded totally by the intelligence agencies, citing news anchor Anderson Cooper, who used to work at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

“War changes with civilization and civilization changes with technology. And so the war that has been going on now is primarily a fifth generation information influence operation through the intelligence agencies, through Big Media and Big Tech, but really commandeered by and led by bio digicontal weapons,” Prather explained.


U.S. violates biological warfare treaties

The former Drug Enforcement Agency special agent said the U.S. has been violating biological warfare treaties, which Russia is accusing America of in the United Nations Security Council. He added that Putin has pushed back using third generation kinetic warfare against fifth generation war through Ukraine.

Vandersteel mentioned that Putin is not part of the global Cabal and that the Russian leader is looking out for his own people and is doing what is necessary in order to expose the Cabal. She added that Putin may take all the evidence he has gathered to the International Court of Justice in The Hague and present it as true crimes against humanity aside from naming all the “bad actors” in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) alliance.

Prather took note that Putin’s build-up was very clear and slow. And when the line was crossed, he conducted a special military operation called the denazification of Ukraine. He said there are Nazis in Ukraine who are supported by the CIA, and that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is one of them. (Related: Matrixxx Grooove: Putin, Russia want denazification, demilitarization of Ukraine.)

The former intelligence officer pointed out that a coordinated international fifth generation war effort “has been rocked back on its heels” because Putin did not go along with it by doing third generation warfare.

Economic warfare underway

An economic warfare is also underway amidst all the chaos in Ukraine as the Russians are now accepting cryptocurrency for their sale of oil and natural gas.

Prather said China, Saudi Arabia and Russia were all attempting to demote the U.S. petrodollar as the international currency. He said those countries have already begun hoarding crops, gold, oil and natural gas. He said this is really the global worldwide resistance against the global Great Reset.

The “Prather Point” host also noted that the memory of Nazism in Russia is entrenched in every Russian home and family, and that they will not let it happen again. The retired special operations soldier added that people can see the Great Reset is failing along with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) bioweapon.

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