FEAR-BASED pandemic goal: Create “novel” viruses, then reduce world’s population by several billion by scaring everyone into taking deadly vaccines

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“The Covid-19 virus was an animal virus that was manipulated by human beings to become infectious to human beings, and then its lethality was augmented for it to be more destructive to human lung tissue,” Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, Md. informs us all. Well, not too many people know this (plus YouTube deleted it forever), but Bill Gates proclaimed in 2010, at one of those global elitist TED talks, that the world’s population needs to be reduced by a few billion people, and in the next sentence said that can be done if we do a “really great job on new vaccines,” so what exactly did he mean?

Video proof is embedded below, but first, consider this very carefully: Aren’t vaccines supposed to prevent diseases, the spreading of diseases, and deaths from diseases? How does that reduce the population by billions of people?

The arrogant, insidious Bill Gates also said if we do a “really great job” with healthcare (he meant abortions for Blacks and Hispanics in Metropolitan cities via Planned Parenthood), that too would help reduce the population by billions of people. How does that work? Isn’t the whole point of healthcare to save people from dying and use preventative/healing medicine to help sick people get healthy?

The Covid fear factor has a few billion people acting very irrationally, jumping to have dangerous, experimental and toxic concoctions injected into them to “save” them from their fear of disease, not the disease itself. Little do they know the “clot shots” seal their demise, not the virus and its variants.

Fear-based Covid and the population-reducing Blood Clot Shots

Just last year, Bill Gates also decreed that we need to get at least 7 billion people inoculated for the Covid vaccines to actually work. Did everyone already forget he said vaccines are great for reducing the population by several billion people? It must be the mercury in flu shots that has given everyone ‘Mad Hatter Syndrome’ and erased their memory. Let’s get a little refresher course right now on the insidious Bill “Population Reduction” Gates.

Here’s Bill Gates at a TED talk, just 11 years ago, telling the world how vaccines and abortions can reduce the population by several billion people:

Now meet whistleblower Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, Md., as he explains why so many people are taking horrific chances with population reduction injections:

Now that we all see clearly that Bill Gates supports population reduction by vaccination and abortion, we should all see exactly why he promotes genetically modified crops

Why would anyone take a vaccine for their ‘health’ when the number one promoter and absolute shill for the vaccine industry says that’s the best tool for killing off billions of people from planet Earth? Are those people committing suicide by vaccine for the ‘greater good?’ Who says global warming is even true, because currently there is no science to prove it? The earth is actually in a slow cooling phase, if you look at the big picture, instead of NASA’s lying charts that only cover the last 100 years, while greatly exaggerating storms, floods and droughts for that fear-based effect.

Now we’re supposed to believe that genetically modified crops that are embedded with toxic pesticides and cancer-causing weed killer formulas are supposedly good for humans to eat and to plant all over the planet? This advice is coming from the billionaire psychopath who helps fund clot shots around the globe.

It’s more than obvious when you hear Bill Gates tell you himself he wants to kill off several billion humans using vaccines, and then medical doctors and scientists from around the world are blowing the whistle on the clot shots that are causing myocarditis and organ failure, all while the medical industrial complex (AMA, CDC, FDA) labels every death as Covid-caused.

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