Globalists push for centralization of power amid worldwide economic decline

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The globalists are taking advantage of economic decline in many nations around the world to push their agenda of global centralization.

Eastern nations are now seen to be in open partnership with global banks, including China’s special drawing rights (SDR) basket system, which has become entrenched as an economic adviser to Russia.

There was also the inexplicable rush by the Chinese and Russian banks to buy up as much physical gold as possible, and the only reason for them to do so is to hedge it against inflation and currency collapse – specifically, as a hedge against the collapse of the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency.

The relationship between the East and the globalists has evolved into something else. Clearly, Russia and China have already been warned about the Great Reset agenda and they are now positioning themselves to survive the fallout.

The program to destroy the dollar and diminish the U.S. economy has been openly admitted by globalists for many years, with Rothschild-owned magazine the Economist admitting to this as early as 1988 in an article titled “Get Ready for a World Currency.”

Globalists to sabotage U.S. economy from within

The article mentioned that in 30 years, there would be a decline in the economic influence of the U.S. and the dollar – leading to the institution of a new currency, which will be backed by the International Monetary Fund-SDR basket. This agenda has been reiterated by global institutions over and over in the past few decades and is now being enacted through an engineered economic war between the East and the West.


However, an economic war might not be enough to undermine the U.S. to create a world economy with a one-world currency, which means that globalists would have to sabotage the economy from within.

This could lead to the inevitable interest rate increase by the Federal Reserve. However, the Fed has created a scenario in which U.S. markets have become addicted to stimulus measures. Stock buybacks have been the main driver for U.S. stocks for years and the buybacks are funded by easy loans from the Fed. These same easy-money policies have triggered the exponential growth of inflation.

If the Federal Reserve would ever hike rates, stocks and numerous sectors of the economy would crash. But if they wouldn’t hike rates and stop asset purchases, then there would also be hyperinflationary disasters.

Either way, the American public will lose out and the globalists will get the crisis that they want. Instead of solving either problem of inflation or deflation, the Fed has already conjured a crisis that combines both – a stagflationary crash.

The BRICS nations composed of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa have since been creeping away from the U.S. dollar in response to the western sanctions over the invasion of Ukraine, as well as the removal of Russia from the SWIFT system. (Related: Ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict pushing global economy closer to collapse.)

This action, however, is focused on Russian oil and gas exports. Russia now demands that anyone buying must do so in rubles instead of dollars. This “ruble clause,” which it is now known, can stabilize the ruble. By the beginning of April, one euro bought 85 rubles, marking a slightly stronger exchange rate than before the start of the war.

The mainstream media, however, have completely ignored the implications of this tactic on the part of Russia and buried any mention of the fact that the Russian central bank backed the ruble with gold, which is why it came back to life soon after the U.S. sanctions took place. (Related: Biden’s “Russian sanctions” are wrecking the western economy.)

This means that the Russian economy is not about to fold anytime soon, although the European Union, which is reliant on Russian oil and gas exports, is about to face an economic crisis.

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