Great Reset: Biden Energy Advisor Admits Administration “Phasing Out Use Of Oil”

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Massive energy transition, which will be extremely rough on global economies, now publicly announced and celebrated.

A top Biden administration energy advisor named Amos Hochstein made an appearance on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” Wednesday to tell the American people oil will soon be intentionally phased out.

CNBC host Joe Kernan pressed Hochstein for a timeline on how long oil producers will be allowed to drill domestically as Joe Biden continues to say the U.S. is going “to end drilling.”

“What does [Biden] mean we’re going to ‘end drilling?’” he asked.

Failing to provide a timetable, the Biden advisor said, “Eventually we are – we’re going to be phasing out the use of oil.”

Kernan explained that investors will not invest money into oil drilling if they think it will be shut down in five years or even less.

Later in the conversation, Hochstein told viewers it is “very hard” for him to understand why people would criticize Biden’s decision to release over one hundred million barrels of U.S. oil reserves.

America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve amount has declined by 204.3 million barrels this year alone, leaving the country at its lowest reserve number since 1984 with just 389.1 million barrels left.

Many people in liberal circles actually want the Biden administration to reveal a “more ambiguous” climate agenda than it currently has in place, but they never explain how these goals would be accomplished.

The Biden administration’s war on oil correlates with globalist groups like the World Economic Forum and United Nations, which have declared a forced worldwide transition to “green energy” where they’ve already cornered the market.

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