“Green” climate agenda a TROJAN HORSE to destroy the food supply, force everyone to eat BUGS and live under TYRANNY

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Everything the powers that be are telling everyone right now about how the world can only be saved from a full-fledged environmental and climate-related collapse by shifting to a “green” economy is a lie.

It turns out that the green climate agenda is a ploy, or Trojan Horse, to let the enemy inside the gate to put all family farmers out of business; destroy the tradition of animal husbandry; and promote the worldwide consumption of insects rather than meat – for the non-elite, of course, since those at the top of the pyramid still plan to gorge on meat and the finest of the fine when it comes to all things fancy and gourmet.

It is you and I whom the globalists want to be stuck in chains eating cockroaches and crickets for dinner every night while we celebrate the “happiness” of owning absolutely nothing and somehow being happy about it – how is that supposed to work?

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The greenies want you DEAD so they can take over the planet and live lavishly without you in the way – unless you’re one of the “lucky” ones who is spared to become their SLAVE

In his documentary film “No Farmers No Food,” EpochTV host Roman Balmakov, the film’s maker, discusses how an army of climate activists is being groomed by corrupt governments into shutting down all food-producing farms because said farms are “destroying the planet,” we are told.

Instead, the powers that be want these farms to be replaced by bug factories like the kinds billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates is starting to build across the tens of millions of United States farm acreage he has been gobbling up in recent years.

“People in charge of some of the most powerful organizations on the planet have determined that agriculture, specifically animal agriculture, is to blame for global warming, and global warming is to blame for the high prices of food and food shortages,” Balmakov says about who he believes is behind the green agenda.

By now, you have probably heard about the farmer protests in The Netherlands, which have spread to the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, and elsewhere as green politicians in these areas push to outlaw traditional farming due to the “carbon” it produces.

In other areas such as California, green bureaucrats are taking a slightly different approach by simply depriving farmers of the water they need to grow food for the nation and world. By creating constant artificial scarcity of water through “droughts” (i.e., flagrant water mismanagement), the narrative can be spun that we are running out of water and thus must stop eating meat.

We are already seeing the consequences of all this green meddling in the form of sky-high food prices and food shortages, and what will soon become widespread famine and mass starvation.

Truth be told, the ever-so-slight “warming” that one can, in a way, argue has been occurring – the earth goes through warming and cooling phases all the time, a simple fact check shows – has actually helped the planet by making it more green in a literal sense with more plants and improved crop yields.

The greenies are always lying about this, though. They want us to believe that unless we get rid of all meat, gas-powered cars, and industry, the ecosystems of the planet are going to collapse. This is a lie that must constantly be refuted, or else you had better start getting used to cockroach curry, mosquito marinades, and fly flakes in your pantry.

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