Hague court declares Dutch coronavirus lockdowns “illegitimate, far-reaching violation”

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A top court in The Hague issued a “shock” ruling the other day condemning The Netherlands for its sweeping Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) curfew restrictions.

Said restrictions “must be lifted immediately,” the court said, because they are an abuse of power that violates freedom of movement and assembly.

This decision comes after weeks of fierce protests throughout The Netherlands, where Dutch people in unison – if only we had such unity here in the United States – told their government enough is enough.

An official court statement explains that the nation’s invocation of the Extraordinary Powers of Civil Authority Act to impose a national curfew is unjustifiable and will not be tolerated.

Only in a “very urgent and exceptional circumstance” is the Dutch government allowed to circumvent the normal legislative channels – and the Chinese virus does not qualify.

“The curfew is a far-reaching violation of the right to freedom of movement and privacy and (indirectly) limits, among other things, the right to freedom of assembly and demonstration,” the court announced.

“The Preliminary Relief Judge ruled that the introduction of the curfew did not involve the special urgency required to be able to make use of the [act].”

The court added that the Dutch government had plenty of time to deliberate a curfew through the normal legislative process, but instead chose to abuse emergency powers instead.

“The use of this law to impose curfew is not legitimate,” the court declared.

The Netherlands has more freedom than the United States

Reports indicate that The Netherlands’ now-defunct curfew was among the most draconian in Europe. Since Jan. 23, Dutch citizens were ordered to remain inside their homes between the hours of 9pm and 4:30am.

Violators faced steep fines, and the restrictions were originally intended to remain in place until March 2. Thanks to the court ruling, they were nullified a whole lot sooner.

Had the curfew remained in place, only those with medical emergencies or “essential” work would have been allowed outside their houses during those restricted hours.

When the emergency curfew was first imposed, Dutch people gathered by the thousands to protest it. There was no left-versus-right nonsense – all Dutch people agree that locking people down over Chinese germs makes no sense and is a violation of human nights.

The Virus Truth Foundation also filed a lawsuit, which is what triggered the court in The Hague to take action. Unlike in the United States where Americans sit by and do nothing while their rights are steamrolled, the Dutch nipped this thing in the bud quickly.

“We fight for the preservation of a democratic constitutional state in which our children still have the opportunity to develop themselves in freedom and to live a life with their own beliefs and opinions,” the Virus Truth Foundation explains on its website.

It is important to note that the illegitimate curfew was the first to ever be imposed on The Netherlands since World War II. This is part of the reason why it was greeted with massive public opposition.

Demonstrators made a point of emphasizing that The Netherlands is not in wartime, nor is it under any known threat of invasion. As such, there is no legitimate reason to lock everyone away inside their homes.

“The satanic narrative is collapsing,” wrote one Zero Hedge commenter. “Threaten your governors, politicians and anybody enforcing this nonsense.”

“The harder they push this BS this time, the harder the backlash will be,” wrote another. “They’ve woken the whole planet up with their twisted malfeasance. There aren’t enough resources to pay everyone to sing for their supper and hire every big strong kid out of every neighborhood in every place on earth to work the ‘sports’ plantation anymore. These globalists better kill everyone now or it’s game over.”

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