Holocaust survivor implores Westerners to ‘wake up’ and ‘resist’ ongoing tyranny in alleged ‘democratic’ countries

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This article comes from “citizens.news”

A woman who survived Nazi Germany’s brutal, grotesque Holocaust has a warning for Americans and other Westerners as she drew a parallel between Hitler’s sadistic regime and today’s Western ‘democratic’ leaders.

As reported by The Epoch Times, Vera Sharav was just three years old when she and her family were chased out of Romania during World War II and sent to a concentration camp in Ukraine, “where they were left to wait, and starve,” the outlet said.

Sharav noted: “The cloud of death was always there.”

The outlet continued:

Weekly, a list determined who would be sent where; whether it be a death or slave labor camp, she said.

While at the camp, she said her father died of typhus when she was 5, which had been widespread throughout the camps because of the cold and malnutrition.

After three years at the camp, she was rescued in 1944, she said.

“My mother got wind that a few orphans would be transported out of the camp, so she lied and said I was an orphan to save my life, and that’s how I wound up leaving,” Sharav said, going on to discuss how, as a child without parents, she was left to figure out things on her own using her intuition and what she understood about human nature as far as deciding who she could rely on.

“I had to assess who I could trust to take care of me,” Sharav told the outlet.

She managed to befriend a family while they were all on a train to the Port of Constanta, Romania, where three ships awaited them to take groups of people to Palestine. But when they all arrived, she discovered that she had been assigned a vessel with orphan children so she could not be with the family with whom she had developed a bond, so she decided to rebel.


“No matter what, I could not be convinced to get on that boat,” she said. “Miraculously, in the end, they gave in to me.”

After getting seasick, she fell asleep that night only to discover that the ship carrying the orphans was torpedoed and sunk by — she found out decades later — the Soviets. And while she said she felt guilty about being alive, she was happy at least that she had resisted getting on the other vessel because that is how she made it.

“I do not obey authority, and it saved my life,” she said.

All of those experiences came rushing back to her mind as COVID-19 began sweeping the globe and Western governments became authoritarian in their claimed attempt to ‘control the spread.’

“So now, when people are obeying authority mindlessly, giving up their rights to make decisions about their own lives and what goes into their own bodies, I think back to that time,” she said.

The Epoch Times noted: “Today, Sharav is a medical activist and founder of the Alliance for Human Research Protection, a network of lay people and professionals who work to uphold humanitarian values and ethical standards established in the Hippocratic Oath, the Nuremberg Code and the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights.”

She joined with Scott Schara, co-founder of Our Amazing Grace’s Light Shines On, Inc. Schara’s 19-year-old daughter Grace died in a hospital in 2021 after having been injected with a combination of drugs he later discovered was part of a federal protocol for hospitals.

Both Sharav and Schara see parallels between Hitler’s weaponizing of medicine and what is happening today in Western governments.

A decade after Hitler took power in Germany he launched his program of genocide after introducing it in small, incremental steps along with the help of regime propagandists who portrayed him and his henchmen as heroes, said Sharav.

“What happened to Grace, and what happened to many disabled and elderly in Western Europe, Australia, Canada, and the United States in March and April of 2020 was medical murder,” Sharav told The Epoch Times.

“No one called it murder,” Sharav said. “The Nazis were very adept at propaganda and language. The Jews were called ‘spreaders of disease,’ not unlike the epithets thrown at those who didn’t take the jab.”

Resist. Wake up. Stop obeying,” she said.

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