Hospitals Beg Fired Unvaccinated Nurses To Come Back to Work Amid Staff Shortages

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Healthcare workers who were terminated for refusing to get vaccinated are being asked to return in droves as hospitals are reportedly being overrun due to staff shortages.

In one video going viral on social media, a nurse recounts a “true story” about her hospital asking her to come back.

“November 15, I was terminated from my nursing job because of mandates. This weekend, on Dec. 18, I had a message from staffing asking if me I could work this weekend all through Christmas and all through to the New Year. They’re so desperately short,” the nurse relates.

In another viral social media post, a woman documented an Oregon hospital firing unvaccinated staff, only to go on and hire unvaccinated “traveling nurses.”

The calls for help come as the CDC on Monday revised its quarantine guidelines, cutting recommended Covid-19 infection isolation time from 10 to 5 days.

The same is happening across the globe, with more hospitals realizing vaccine mandates were a shot in the foot as vaccinated omicron hospitalizations are on the rise.

A viral post appearing on Facebook documented how another hospital worker fired for being unvaccinated was now being begged to return to the front lines.

“I received a surprising email today,” the post described, adding, “Us coerced and shamed ones are allowed to return to work on January 10th!!!”

“While there is part of me that would LOVE to return [I LOVED MY JOB and the people/patients/residents I worked with SO MUCH] it would be like returning to an abusive relationship,” the scorned healthcare worker indicated.

Earlier this month, hospitals in Quebec, Canada, also had a major about-face when they too were forced to ease up on Covid rules for hospital workers, allowing workers who test positive for Covid to come back to work.

Political commentator Peter Sweden documented a similar occurrence taking place in another Canadian province.

“Hospitals in Alberta, Canada put 1400 health care workers on leave before Christmas for being unvaccinated. Now they are begging them to come back to work because of the Omicron surge,” noted Sweden.

Some hospitals in Italy came to the same conclusion this month, asking unvaccinated workers to please return to work.

“With this new wave of hospital admissions we are at the end of our tether. The paradoxical situation is that the removal of the unvaccinated colleagues weighs even more heavily on us, on the people who have to fight the epidemic every day,”  the head of the Angiology department at the Padova Hospital, Giampiero Avrucio, stated.

A hospital in Melbourne, Australia, also reportedly asked unvaxxed staff to return.

With the need for workers reportedly growing more dire by the day, and Biden’s vaccine mandates still being held up in court, it’s hopeful more hospitals will follow suit, bite the bullet, admit they were wrong and ask their wrongly-fired employees to return.

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