Unvaccinated Activists Arrested During Staged Burger King Sit-In Protest

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Dear NYPD Officers: When are you going to wake up to the fact that you are enforcing the edicts of evil tyrants?

This article comes from “infowars.com”

A group of unvaccinated New Yorkers protesting vaccine passports at a Burger King were arrested en masse by the NYPD.

Video shows the moment a cadre of masked police officers began arresting the protesters, who were staging a sit-in at a Burger King in Brooklyn that was requiring COVID vaccine passports.


One of the onlookers during the incident was chanting “Shame on you!” to the arresting officers.

As we reported, the NYPD has been sycophantically enforcing Mayor Mike de Blasio’s draconian vaccine mandate to an absurd degree.

Other shocking footage taken recently shows a gang of NYPD officers breaking up a child’s birthday party at a restaurant because he didn’t have a vaccine passport.

Notably, the mild Omicron variant spreading through New York City has resulted in virtually no deaths.

Watch how the protest and subsequent arrests unfolded below:

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