How Law Enforcement Lie About Officer Safety…

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If you ask a cop what is their number one goal on all calls and they will most certainly say that it is officer safety. It’s not public safety, but officer safety. That’s because they are trained to put their safety above and beyond that of the publics safety. Isn’t that kind of backwards? When you put that badge on each day you should know that it could be your last day on this earth. That is part of the job and anyone who is not comfortable with that should resign.

But you see, law enforcement rarely do the right thing and resign if they cannot put the publics safety over their own safety. They stay on the job and that fear and disgust for the public goes into their every encounter with the public. After 9/11 the training shifted from protecting the public to “the public is your enemy” and after 22 years of that kind of training it has pretty much become the norm.

On 5-9-23, in Palm Beach Gardens Florida, a man named Ryan was using a pool when a lady approached him and told him to leave so she could have the pool to herself. he declined and she started swimming in a manner that made them collide with each other. The man asks her why she can not swim in a manner that keeps them from colliding. She then calls her husband on the phone and he arrives in a confrontational manner. Ryan tells them to leave him alone but they keep escalating things to the point where the woman’s husband lifts his shirt up showing that he has a handgun.

At that point Ryan leaves, calls 911 and tells them that there is a man confronting him with a gun. From the parking lot Ryan is waiting for the police to arrive and they do. The first officer on the scene speaks to Ryan and then goes to the pool area to make contact with the suspects. Ryan stays in the parking lot and now a female officer arrives. This is where everything goes south. This female officer gets out of her vehicle and immediately starts treating Ryan as the primary suspect. She starts yelling at Ryan to show his hands. Ryan tries to tell her that the first officer has already made contact with him as he reaches into his pocket to get his cell phone out. This female officer then draws her gun, while advancing towards Ryan. He starts questioning why she is so hostile and you can hear her telling him to shut his mouth. She then handcuffs Ryan.

Ryan ends up being arrested and the primary aggressors were set free. You can see and hear the female officer tell her sergeant that she handcuffed Ryan because “he wouldn’t listen to me” and she tells the sergeant “fuck that guy”! You can clearly see that her attitude toward the public is like some “mad principle” at a school. The female officer, who you will see has had her share of internal affairs problems, suddenly has a “panic attack” and has to have an ambulance called for her. Ryan is driven to the jail and right before he is to be booked they let him go.

Ultimately the female officer was fired. In her internal affairs interview you can hear her numerous times saying that she drew her weapon for her safety and that she didn’t know who Ryan was. The internal affairs investigator asks her why she kept moving towards Ryan and didn’t stay behind cover if she was fearful. She ends up crying to the investigator.

Ryan also was treated very unprofessional by the Palm Beach Gardens Police Chief and Assistant Chief when he attempted to speak with them about the incident.

What we can learn from all of this encounter is that this female officer clearly let emotions rule over her thinking instead of using sound logical thinking. Watch each video below, by “Lackluster” and see how it all unfolded.

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