I Thought Americans Were Stronger…

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So many. So many Americans? I don’t know if I would call them Americans. I, of course, call them Sheeple. The ones that are too afraid to stand for their rights and freedoms given to them at birth by God. The ones that are submissive little cowards. Too afraid that they will be harmed while standing against tyranny. Obeying everything that the lying media tells them. To these sheeple, doing what their “masters” tell them to do keeps them from having to risk anything. It keeps them “under the spell“. It keeps them in their “safe spaces” where they can keep being “pacified“. I don’t even recognize the country I grew up in. I feel like I’m on another planet.

To all “Real Americans” out there, start being as vocal as ever and stand up to this tyrannical takeover of our country. Use the Constitution and The Bible as your foundation.

Here is a video from Think About It. In it Steve delivers real words that we, as “real Americans”, better “think about” real soon.

“Truth Fears No Scrutiny”.

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