Ideological Subversion…

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The communist takeover of America did not start recently. The marxist disease has been doing it’s damage for many decades or longer. The “frog has been boiling” for quite some time. Only in the recent years has the heat been turned up substantially.

How did America get to this point? How were so many lulled into going along with their own demise? We got here because of something called “ideological subversion”. Let’s explore this transformation of society over the past decades, with some help from a KGB defector named “Yuri Bezmenov”. (While much of this is from the “Cold War Era” of the Soviet Union, I believe that the CCP China regime is what has been shaping much of the U.S. lately.)

Yuri Bezmenov was a Soviet journalist co-opted and trained by the KGB when he defected to the West in 1970. In 1984 (appropriately enough) he wrote a book called, “Love Letter to America” under his pen name, Tomas Schuman, to warn about long-term Marxist (Communist) tactics and disinformation campaigns he was seeing in the United States:

“My dear friends, I think you are in big trouble. Whether you believe it or not, YOU ARE AT WAR. And you may lose this war very soon, together with all your affluence and freedoms, unless you start defending yourselves. . . . The driving force of this war has very little to do with natural aspirations of people for better lives and greater freedoms. If at all, these aspirations are being used and taken advantage of by the manipulators and progenitors of the war. The real driving force of this war of aggression is IDEOLOGY — something you cannot eat, wear or store for a “rainy day”. An integral part of this war of ideology is IDEOLOGICAL SUBVERSION — the process of changing the perception of reality in the minds of millions of peoples all over the world. The late comrade Andropov, the former head of the Soviet KGB called this war of Communist aggression, “the final struggle for the MINDS and hearts of the people”.”

Bezmenov was trained and used by the KGB (the “Sword and the Shield” for the State—NOT the Russian people—because in Marxism, the State is God) for their global ideological subversion campaign. In his job, he had first-hand knowledge about the methods they use and their ultimate goals, which, he says, “are very far from the liberty, equality and freedom they verbally espouse. Because I have seen the tragic consequences of this war of ideological subversion, I would like to offer some suggestions as to how we in the United States can DEFEND ourselves against this deadly war and how we can SURVIVE in this “final struggle for minds and hearts.”

Read his biography

The stakes are high because as he said,

“People all over the Earth, whether they praise America or bitterly criticize her, look upon you as the only hope for mankind’s survival and the last stronghold of freedom. Some may not think in these idealistic terms, but they certainly enjoy the fruits of your civilization, often forgetting to be grateful for them.”

Or as President Reagan said, “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.”

Yuri Bezmenov warns,

“This is it, dear Americans, your country (and mine now) will be the last to be “liberated” by Marxists, socialists, and domestic “do-gooders”. If the “liberationists” succeed in bringing their “New Order” to America, chances are you and I will meet in front of a firing squad — or worse in a “re-education” forced labor camp in the Alaskan Peoples Democratic Republic.’

“You have too many concrete examples of what Communist “liberation” has done for other countries to believe that I am wrong when I warn you that we are on the brink of disaster. From one that has lived, worked and seen first-hand the realities of day to day life in a communist/ socialist state — you must wake up now and start defending the rights and freedoms you now have.”

“No matter how many problems you think the U.S. may have, believe me when I say that they are nothing in comparison to the troubles you will experience if the U.S. continues to agree and sympathize with communist/socialist doctrines.”

“I have made my choice to be with YOU, the nation I love. I have risked my life like many others, to tell you of my life and experiences within a Communist state. You have nothing to risk by listening to me and making up your mind as to whether I am a “cold war paranoic”, as your media calls me, or whether my message makes sense. The choice is yours.”

We know they used a process called Ideological Subversion. It’s a process that’s broken down into four stages and occurs over many years.

Stage 1. Demoralization.
Stage 2. Destabilization.
Stage 3. Crisis.
Stage 4. Normalization.

This has been going on for decades…going back to the early 20th century.

Stage One takes 15-25 years. That’s the number of years it takes to educate or fully indoctrinate one generation of Americans.

Stage Two takes 2-5 years.
Stage Three can take as little as 6 weeks.
The final and irreversible stage can last indefinitely.

In other nations this was tried, it happened pretty fast. But America has traditionally been a proud nation of dedicated Patriots.

Even though this process has been happening since the 1930’s, the Leftist propaganda was always counter balanced by American patriotism. The USSR was our enemy as communism was.

But something happened that changed everything. The USSR fell in 1991. Communism had been defeated. A brave new world was ahead!

Or so we thought.

The radicals that were influenced by this kgb propaganda became politicians, professors, journalists, movie stars, and were in positions of influence and power.

With no clear enemy of communism (since it didn’t exist anymore) the leftist propaganda went unchallenged now.

I put the true start date of this process at around 1992. Ironically the same time political correctness and multi culturalism became catch phrases.

So Stage One really became unchallenged in 1992. 15-25 years later, or 2007 or so until 2017, a whole generation of Americans have been fully exposed to communist ideology without any real challenge and devoid of anything patriotic.

Obama gets elected in 2008.

Stage One became complete or significant in or around 2006.

But add a few more years on, say 2012 for it to be fully realized.

Now we’re in the Destabilization Stage. 2-5 years for that. That brings us to 2017 or pretty much 2019.

At no time have we been so ideologically divided as we are now. Everything is politicized. Even kids shows and late night talk shows.

We are now Destabilized. Fragmented, divided, broken off into groups of different Americans. Our agencies and parts of the popular culture have been weaponized.

Then in 2020 COVID-19 and the stolen election was the big power move. Biden, no Obama…, for the past two years has been systematically destroying Americas economy, energy, food supply, and more.

We are now in Stage Three….

Crisis is the stage where the institutions break down. The economy, law enforcement, the military, govt. It all malfunctions.

Once Americas infrastructure is destroyed and the chaos ensues, the “powers that be” will declare some type of martial law that they say is necessary to “control the chaos”.

After that, the irreversible process of Normalization takes place. It’s a fancy word for the heaving fists of tyranny that absolutely crushes all dissent and protest.

And, according to the process, guess who the first ones to be lined up and shot are…

The liberal useful idiots who got us here. The traitors to America.

Why? Because when they realize the socialist utopia they thought they were fighting for is really a hell on earth where they have no say, they will turn on their new communist one world masters.

Watch Yuri Bezmenov explain “Ideological Subversion”:

To quote Yuri: “the process of demoralization is complete and irreversible.” You can’t reason with them anymore, because they don’t listen to reason. They listen to virtue signalling, to NewSpeak. It is instructive to view them as speaking an almost entirely different language. Communication is extraordinarily difficult. Conversion is impossible.

They are useful idiots, however. Yuri also tells us that when these people see the true fruits of equality and social justice, they will revolt. The subverters know this. The people in power will want to dispose of the idiots as soon as they are finished with us. They are a tool of the enemy, no more, no less. 

Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals is a 1971 book by community activist and writer Saul D. Alinsky about how to successfully run a movement for change. It was the last book that Alinsky wrote and was published shortly before his death in 1972. His goal for the Rules for Radicals was to create a guide for future community organizers, to use in uniting low-income communities, or “Have-Nots”, in order for them to gain social, political, legal, and economic power. Within it, Alinsky compiled the lessons he had learned throughout his experiences of community organizing from 1939–1971 and targeted these lessons at the current, new generation of radicals.[

Divided into ten chapters, Rules for Radicals provides 10 lessons on how a community organizer can accomplish the goal of successfully uniting people into an active grassroots organization with the power to effect change on a variety of issues. Though targeted at community organization, these chapters also touch on other issues that range from ethics, education, communication, and symbol construction and political philosophy.[

Though published for the new generation of counterculture-era organizers in 1971, Alinsky’s principles have been successfully applied by numerous government, labor, community, and congregation-based organizations, and the main themes of his organizational methods that were elucidated upon in Rules for Radicals have been recurring elements in political campaigns in recent years. 

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