INVASION: Incredible Footage Shows Over 1,000 Illegals Pouring into US

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The invasion at the southern border is ongoing and unrelenting.

‘Former Obama DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson once said 1,000 in a day would be a ‘crisis’. We are 8x that right now.’

Video captured by Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin in El Paso, Texas, shows a staggering crowd of over 1,000 immigrants illegally crossing from Mexico into the US, one of the largest crossings ever documented.

“A huge migrant caravan of over 1,000 people crossed illegally into El Paso, TX last night, making it the largest single group we have ever seen,” Melugin reported Monday, adding, “The city of El Paso reports Border Patrol now has over 5,000 in custody & has released hundreds to city streets.”

Footage of the massive caravan is so incredible that even Twitter/SpaceX/Tesla/Boring Company CEO Elon Musk was floored, remarking, “Wow”.

On Sunday, Melugin noted footage out of Mexico showed about 20 buses full of migrants being escorted to Ciudad Juarez, a Mexican city that borders El Paso, just one day before the massive influx.

The latest illegal crossings come as several more hordes of migrants have penetrated the US border in recent days, reaching numbers of up to 16,000 migrants encountered by Border Patrol over the past 48 hours.

“That’s an average of 8,000 per day,” Melugin reported. “Former Obama DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson once said 1,000 in a day would be a ‘crisis’. We are 8x that right now.”

According to News Nation’s Ali Bradley, Border Patrol are under order “to process faster” and to release them out of custody “by any means” necessary as Biden DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is set to visit the region Tuesday.

Throngs of migrants also penetrated Texas further south in Eagle Pass last week, less than 150 miles from San Antonio, with more than 1,700 illegal crossings occurring in a 24-hour span.

Despite the chaos documented at the border, Secretary Mayorkas has continued to tell Congress the border is secure.

The illegal invasion comes as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) last month called for blanket amnesty of illegal aliens in the U.S. because Americans are “not reproducing” enough “workers.”

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