It Is Disgusting How They Are Trying To Manipulate Children’s Minds These Days…

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“Blue’s Clues Releases “Disturbing” and “Predatory” Pride Parade Video Featuring Drag Queen and LGBT Animals”

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Nickelodeon show “Blue’s Clues & You!” released a video in anticipation of “Pride Month” that featured an animated version of a drag queen and LGBT animals.

Drag performer Nina West provided the voiceover for “her” animated character, singing songs saturated with typical LGBT themes. In the background are various animals riding parade floats and waving various LGBT flags.

West’s animated character sings to the tune of popular children’s song “The Ants Go Marching” while holding a microphone emblazoned with a black power fist.

Watch this monstrosity below, if you dare:

Outlets like Yahoo! Life are predictably celebrating this repulsive nonsense as “cute” and “adorable,” though the video has also received its fair share of criticism.

“That Blue’s Clues has decided to add sexuality and gender material to its programming is both disappointing and disturbing,” child advocate Maria Keffler told The Christian Post. “Pre-adolescent children do not nor should not have explicit knowledge about or driving interest in sex or gender identity. Ethical professionals who work with children have long recognized that when young children are conversant about sexual behaviors, this is strongly suggestive of having been introduced to such material by adults who do not have the child’s best interests at heart.”

Conservative commentator Allie Beth Stuckey also tweeted the following: “The predatory Blue’s Clues segment doesn’t surprise me, because kids are always the unconsenting subjects of leftist social experiments, from population control to the redefinition of gender and sexuality to communism itself. History shows this. It’s gross, but it’s true.”

Last June the celebration of “Pride Month” took a backseat to George Floyd veneration and full-throated racial activism. Now that BLM’s popularity and efficacy have waned, the spotlight will be back on the rainbow alphabet crowd and their degeneracy here in June 2021.

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