Jimmy Kimmel Dragged Over Bizarre Skit Featuring ‘Snuggle Bear’ Sacrificing Children to ‘The Dark Lord’

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From “infowars.com”

“Baby’s sleeping in snuggly softness. So innocent. So defenseless. The perfect size for a sacrifice,” Snuggle Bear says.

ABC talk show host Jimmy Kimmel is facing criticism over an eyebrow-raising sketch featuring beloved fabric softener mascot “Snuggle Bear” performing a ritual child sacrifice for Satan.

Donning a Smokey the Bear costume for the Halloween edition of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” on Monday, Kimmel first introduced a man named Guillermo dressed in a Snuggle Bear costume.

“In case you’re too young to have seen Snuggles, or maybe you just don’t remember, this is the bear that captured America’s hearts and laundry in 1986,” Kimmel explained before kicking off a dark version of the Snuggle commercial.

“Hi, I’m Snuggles,” the adorable bear begins. “Snuggly softness that’s really less expensive. Look! I get towels fluffy, blankets cuddly, even shirts caked with blood.”

At that point, a creepier version of Snuggles takes over.

“It was an accident,” Evil Snuggles giggles. “You know what else is soft? Human flesh. Baby flesh. Wait, where is your baby?”

Snuggles then brandishes a kitchen knife before hovering over a sleeping infant.

“Sshh. Baby’s sleeping in snuggly softness,” the evil bear says as it tucks the child in. “So innocent. So defenseless. The perfect size for a sacrifice. Time to meet your snuggly death.”

“When the dryer’s going, they’ll never hear you scream. The Dark Lord shall be pleased with me.”

“Snuggle brand fabric softener,” the bear concludes, “proudly made…in Hell!! It’s to die for.”

Kimmel’s Satanic bit was roundly dragged on Twitter.


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