Kingsport TN Police Retaliate Against Man That Caught Sergeant Speeding To Get Fast Food

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We’ve all been there. We are driving down the road and a vehicle speeds by. You look at the vehicle only to discover that it is a law enforcement vehicle. No lights or siren running code. Just going well over the posted speed limit that you are expected to obey. This scenario has become so common that most people don’t even pay attention anymore. However there are still people, including myself, that are observant and concerned with law enforcement breaking the same laws that they will hold the public liable for.

On or about October 10, 2022 Joshua was at a red light next to a Kingsport TN Police vehicle. When the light went green the police officer sped away from Joshua and can be seen going over the posted speed limit, without any lights or siren. Joshua decided to record the police vehicle speeding.

Joshua continues to record and points out that he is going approximately 53mph and the police vehicle is well away going faster. Joshua is about to stop recording when he sees the police vehicle pull into a fast food restaurant drive through. Joshua gets out and approaches the police vehicle that was being driven by a sergeant of the Kingsport Police dept.

Joshua asks the sergeant what his name and badge number was and the sergeant refused to give him the information. Joshua calls out the sergeant, informing him that he was speeding just to come and get in line at a fast food drive through. The sergeant did not have anything to say about what he had done. Joshua gets the tag and vehicle number on camera and leaves while exercising his First Amendment freedom of speech by saying “you’ll be getting a formal complaint. I don’t know why you feel that you’re above the law, you have to abide by the traffic laws just like everybody else, when you’re not running emergencies, you piece of shit!”

Joshua uploaded the video to his “Big G Audits” channel for the world to see. Eight days later, on October 18, 2022 at approximately 5:03 am, approximately eight armed law enforcement officers from the Kingsport Police dept. and the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office go to Joshua’s residence to serve a warrant on him for the charges of: speeding, prohibited use of a cell phone while driving, and disorderly conduct! Joshua’s mother answered the loud knock at the door, where she was met with these armed thugs. They asked her if Joshua was there and she said yes and they just pushed past her and entered the residence where they arrested Joshua for the trivial charges.

They had actually gotten a judge to sign a warrant for these absolute bogus charges in order to terrorize someone who had shown the public the sergeant’s driving behavior. If this does not show you the “them versus us” mentality then nothing will. The law enforcement of today think of the public just like the wealthy elite do. They view the public as a nuisance and if you “catch” them doing something that they would rather “catch” you doing then you are the enemy. They will go as far as they can to get “the last laugh” and try to terrorize you. But we should not let that stop us from documenting everything we can about their tyrannical actions. Joshua will ultimately have the last laugh on this incident, if he stays vigilant and holds them accountable for their actions.

Below is the video, showcased by James Freeman. James does a great job at mixing in your face humor and calling out the actions of these tyrants. He also went a step further and called the Kingsport Police dept. and spoke to an officer to “commend” the “courage, integrity, and justice” of the Kingsport TN Police dept. When James points out the actions of the dept. he is met with nothing more than political coverup and the “we do a good job” line.

As a former law enforcement officer, I will ask the Kingsport TN Police dept. the same question I ask to all law enforcement that think that they are above the law:

What do you see when you look into the mirror?

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