Lara Logan: Biden’s open borders policies part of plan to empower global government

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Noted investigative journalist Lara Logan says the reason why Dementia Joe Biden’s handlers have had him throw open the southern border of the United States, allowing millions to flow into our country, is to help facilitate a global government, where America becomes the world’s breadbasket.

In an interview with Real America’s Voice host Steve Bannon on Friday, Logan — who completed an investigative series on the collapsing border for Fox News’ streaming service Fox Nation last year, explained how the invasion of millions of illegal migrants is part of a “long-term plan.”

The American left knows they cannot win office democratically because they can’t run on their policies of America last: open borders, destroying the fossil fuel industry, endless lockdowns, massive inflation, devaluing the stock market so it collapses 401(k) programs, and increasing our dependence on enemies like China.

So, they have to work behind the scenes to destroy our constitutional system as it now exists, and that’s what is happening, Logan explained.

“The border is wide open because we are living under a Globalist policy of open borders, so there is no border security to speak of. Weapons are flowing across, drugs are flowing across, people are flowing across, money is flowing across, you know, illicit funds, and so on and so on. Everything that comes from an open border is what’s flowing,” she said.

“And the reasons it’s happening, Steve – it’s not just an invasion. It is an invasion but an invasion that is primarily that’s part of a long-term plan and political ideology to obliterate the sovereignty of this nation and change the way the world looks, forever,” Logan continued.

“It’s not just America’s sovereignty that’s on the chopping block, it’s sovereignty over the world. It’s just that this is the place that is the light and the guide for the whole world. And so this is the country that has to fall first in order for the other countries to fall,” she added.

“And what I learned from a source, who is a very unique source, having infiltrated the Globalist ‘cult’ at the UN level, is that he was in high-level meetings that required a number of security clearances where they actually discussed the plan to bring 100 million people into the United States, in order to pave the way for a regional government of US, Canada and Mexico,” said the investigative journalist.

“And that was to bring in 100 million people from Latin American countries, together with a strategy of creating these cartels, making life unbearable. It’s called the ‘Push-Pull Strategy,’ where they push people out of these countries, where it’s unbearable living like this, and they pull them into the United States. And then, once you’ve reached that critical number of over a hundred million in this invasion, they will then propose, ‘Well, for your family and friends back home, who need ease of travel, they need a better life and so on and so on – we can do all this better with a regional government than we can with a US Government.’ And they will have enough critical mass inside the country in order to effect that policy,” she explained.

“That’s the Globalist plan that we’re working towards. But what we’re already doing is that we’re living under their policy, where they’ve made the right to migrate a ‘human right,’ recognized by the UN in 2018 and that now supersedes our sovereign rights, thanks to the Biden administration and the open border ideologues who are in this government, who were never asked, to be honest, about their strategy on the campaign trail, who have bypassed the legislature and are implementing a strategy and a policy that, not only did no Americans vote for it, because they weren’t given the opportunity but most Americans don’t support,” Logan added.

The evil plan is well on its way to fruition.

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