Left-wing brainwashing of our youth is complete: College students seethe at the sight of the American flag, claiming it represents oppression and evil

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After decades of infiltrating our nation’s primary education system, the American left, which has also taken over the [un]Democratic Party, has achieved its objective of brainwashing an entire generation of young Americans into hating the only country on the planet that guarantees them liberties and freedoms no other nation has ever done or will ever do.

A video posted by Campus Reform this week makes the point.

Ophelie Jacobson, a correspondent for the conservative site which focuses on exposing the leftist lunacy on our college and university campuses, found that not a few students at the University of Texas at Dallas hate America and the flag of our country, claiming, among other things, that its a symbol of “oppression” and “evil” (all while attending a large university, no doubt many of them on their parents’ dime or that of U.S. taxpayers — something a billion young people around the world would love to do and be grateful for if only they had the opportunity).

Jacobson asked various students to tell her what comes to their mind when they think about the American flag.

“A lot of things come to mind. First of all, war. Second of all, we’ve also taken a bit of land from Native Americans so that’s unfortunate too. And it’s just really terrible that we’ve done all these things and this flag kind of reminds me of that, of all the sins we’ve committed against others,” said one student.

Another student well-trained by the Marxist cadres posing as public school teachers said the flag reminded them of nationalism, exclusiveness and selfishness.

Most students also didn’t know that June 14 is Flag Day; many associated the date with Juneteenth, which is actually June 19, meant to commemorate the day in 1865 that a Union general informed the last group of enslaved blacks in Texas they had been freed by Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation more than two years prior.

“Absolute love of the American flag, I think, is very obviously correlated to extremism in terms of overt nationalism,” one student added.

“I’ve definitely seen the American flag used as a racist symbol. You see people show up to, like, Trump rallies with their flags, waving it, screaming in people’s faces,” said another (hint: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris use the American flag, too).

“A lot of what this country was founded on and stands on is a lot of injustice and again, a lot of genocide,” said another.

“I see a lot of American flags on church grounds, which I find very…not trustworthy because I don’t like the idea of tying in politics with religion, which is what this country really does, even to this day,” yet another told Jacobson.

The correspondent did find some students who saw the flag for what it really represents: Freedom, liberty, and a set of principles that, while they may not have always been perfectly practiced, are pretty close to having been perfectly crafted by our founders, men who had lived under real tyranny — something American kids have not really had to do, although the Biden regime is trending heavily in that direction.

Again, it’s difficult to blame these young people for how they feel. They are products of their learning environments. If, throughout their primary school careers, they were taught by “America sucks” teachers versus “America First” teachers, then they’re going to largely have the attitude of the former ideology rather than the latter.

And worse, getting them to change their minds now that they are adults will be nearly impossible because the environments in which they are surrounded — higher education, entertainment, pop culture — are also inundated with ‘America sucks’ leftists.

Within another generation, Americans will come to accept and even abide by the tyranny our founders fought and died to reject, and they’ll never really know what they’re missing.

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