LGBT indoctrination of children causing HALF of teen patients to tell psychologists they’re “trans”

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A clinical psychologist in the United Kingdom says that more than half of her teenage patients now identify as “trans,” thanks to persistent LGBT indoctrination at school and in the media.

Choosing to remain anonymous, the doctor says she is currently seeing a dozen families and has helped many more over the past nearly 40 years that she has been practicing, but that the rate of self-identifying trans teens is off the charts.

“In many cases, she said, youngsters now coming to see her with mental anguish or suicidal thoughts had been allowed to transition from one gender to another at a young age, sometimes even at five or six,” she is quoted as saying.

In many cases, the parents of these children do not correlate their mental problems with gender dysmorphia. For whatever reason, they are not making the connection between having a trans identity and being severely mentally ill.

“The parent would be telling me about their teenager, about their mental anguish, suicidal thoughts and self-harm, and then they’d drop something in, so casually that I’d almost think I’d missed it, ‘Oh, and he’s a trans boy (or girl), transitioned when he (or she) was five (or six or seven), but that’s all fine,’” the doctor added in an online article she wrote for

Children who turn physically “trans” can never fully go back to normalcy, expert warns

According to this expert, parents are being “sold a lie” about transgenderism. There is nothing about it that is normal or healthy, especially when it is pushed on children at an extremely young age, which is now disturbingly common throughout the West.


She says that while social transition is reversible – meaning a trans person can decide to no longer be trans and revert back to normalcy in social settings – physical reversal is impossible.

“When we disconnect them from their biological sex, we set up patterns of denial and secrets,” the psychologist says. “We set them up to hate their bodies at puberty, to beg for blockers and binders, because for years we told them they could change sex, and they believed us.”

“They are desperate to go back to the years when no one knew any different, but that time will never come again. Time is not reversible.”

Because she faces being called “transphobic” and having her entire career destroyed for saying these things, the identity of this psychologist remains unknown. We do, however, know that she practices in Southern England.

Interestingly, the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdowns played a major role in convincing more children than ever before to cut off their body parts. Excessive social media use, particularly on platforms like Snapchat and Tik Tok, exposed tens of millions of children to extreme trans indoctrination.

“Influencers” on these platforms spread misinformation about how slicing off body parts and adding new ones would make children feel “normal” and like they “belonged.” Now, many of those children have committed irreversible damage to their bodies and can never go back.

“Considering the amount of brainwashing taking place in schools, the fact that they think they are transgendered should surprise no one,” wrote someone at Infowars.

“People in professional positions of responsibility encourage them to transition and all their problems will be solved. It only makes things worse and many of these troubled teens end up suicidal after the procedure.”

“Remember back in the 1980s when mentally deranged garbage like this just didn’t happen?” wrote another. “Boys were boys, girls were girls … and that was it.”

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