LOBOTOMIZING CHILDREN: Another pharma shill paid big bucks to push experimental “anti-psychotics” drugs on children as young as two years old

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This article comes from “citizens.news”

Unapproved FDA anti-psychotics prescription drugs have been prescribed for two-year-olds who supposedly have bipolar disorder. On the record with Johnson and Johnson internal documents that have been uprooted, a certain doctor, who happens to be the chief of pediatric psychopharmacology at Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital, appears to have pushed these unapproved drugs through speaking engagement fees for over $1.6 million, for a period of seven years, several years back.

One Joseph L. Biederman, with deep (filled) pockets and extensive ties to J&J, is a consultant who may be guilty of pushing psychotropic drugs that are prescribed for toddlers who go from crying to happy, and back to crying, too much. Isn’t that just called the “terrible twos?” Since when do 2-year olds need toxic drugs that give them thoughts of suicide because they’re moody?

The DSM, psychiatry’s diagnostic book that labels every emotion a disease or disorder, is the basis for diagnosis of any and every child that exists, should they come in for “treatment.” The DSM is like a training manual for marketing dangerous drugs that are experimental and get this… unapproved by the FDA for this type of use.

Where is the legitimacy of scientific evidence that two-year-olds need medication for bipolar disorder? Does this qualify for child abuse?

Not only is there ZERO proof of this mental disorder in two-year-olds, but the psychiatric “diagnoses” of disorders that call for anti-psychotic drugs has skyrocketed as of late. Now these drugs are blockbuster cash cows, and the doctors slinging them get all kinds of incentives, gifts, cash, stocks and of course, “consulting fees.”


That means leading physicians and pediatricians plug them at their big doctor conventions (including online video meetings) and highly recommend them for treatment, including for little kids that are still toddlers. (The CDC classifies all kids between ages 1 and 3 as toddlers.) This is corrupt, like pushing kids to change their gender traits with drugs and surgery. This is messing with toddlers’ brain activity in experimental ways that should be illegal, if they are not already. This is child abuse, and anyone getting paid to promote and sling these drugs is an accomplice to the crime.

Drug companies partner with prominent pediatricians at prestigious universities to promote dangerous, experimental drugs for children

The whole business model is based on partnerships in corruption. There’s no real medical “research” that could ever prove these drugs work as they say, and so over the past couple decades, the doctors now just sling them without FDA approval. Who’s going to find out, right? And if they do, what can they do about it? Ever heard of a doctor going to jail for promoting prescription drugs he/she slings themselves? Not likely.

Pharma runs the whole racket, and it’s not just about the commercials on TV and the mad scientists, but includes Ivy League professors, physicians, fake news, fake clinical trials and even fake peer-reviews chock full of retracted papers. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, FDA reviews of placebo-controlled clinical trials have been uncovered, regarding anti-psychotic and anti-depressant drugs, so the truth is coming out, even if it’s not published by the mass media complex of America.

Drug-intensive doping of children now the “norm” for America‘s style of mental health medicine

Take your child to a psychiatrist for nearly anything and you will most likely walk out of that office with a prescription for dangerous, thought-altering drugs that have no business in anyone’s hands, much less in your child’s brain. It’s a huge experiment with neurons and synapses that the arrogant psychiatric industry thinks they’ve conquered. The newest, most expensive brand-name pills are being slung for off-label uses, because they’re not even approved properly for on-label use.

Maybe the child has anxiety from eating MSG and aspartame. Has anyone taken a close look at that? What about industrial food dyes that cause ADHD? How about high fructose corn syrup that causes hyperactivity, are we “diagnosing” that? What about COVID-19 masks that cut out 5 percent to 20 percent of oxygen intake all day while the toddler breathes back in already processed air as carbon dioxide? Or could it be that kids now getting the China Flu “clot shots” are experiencing spike protein prions that are disrupting the brain’s blood vessels that create that “chemical imbalance” the quacks like to base their diagnosis upon?

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