Maker of Popular Protein Bar Ceases Kroger Deal After Store Strips Benefits for Unvaccinated

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The maker of a popular protein bar announced he will cease business talks with Kroger supermarkets after the grocery store chain said it would take away insurance benefits for unvaccinated employees.

On Wednesday, Marc Lobliner, the creator of the Outright Bar protein snack, said he would no longer consider selling his product at Kroger stores after disagreeing with company’s new policy discriminating against the unvaccinated.

“Today Kroger announced that they are taking away paid Covid benefits and adding insurance surcharges for unvaccinated employees,” Lobliner wrote on Twitter.

“I cannot in good conscience do business with any company that discriminates in this manner.”

Lobliner’s tweet included an attached email he sent to Kroger, which stated:

It has been an honor to discuss the Outright Bar being distributed within Kroger.

With your new corporate policy to take away paid Covid benefits and add insurance surcharges for unvaccinated employees, I cannot in good conscience shop or do business with a company that discriminates against people who are unwilling to take an experimental vaccine without any long-term data.

If Kroger reverses this policy, we would be happy to resume conversations.

Lobliner’s statement comes as Kroger on Tuesday announced it would soon nix paid leave for unvaccinated employees, in addition to tacking on a monthly $50 health insurance surcharge, all in purported efforts to convince employees to get vaccinated.

Outright Bars are also available at many popular nutritional supplement retailers.

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