Man Wearing Multiple Face Masks Ejected From Walmart For Taking Photos of a Child

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Father confronts creep after he takes pictures of kid for not wearing a mask.

A viral video shows a highly agitated man wearing multiple face masks being ejected from Walmart because he took pictures a child who wasn’t wearing one.

The video, in which the man behaves bizarrely throughout, is being held up as an example of how mass media fearmongering about COVID-19 has inflicted permanent psychological damage on society.

The clip begins with the man being confronted by a father who asks him, “Tell me why you were taking pictures of me and my daughter.”

The multiple-masked man mumbles incoherently through his face coverings while he attempts to flee, toilet paper in hand.

“So I can stay alive,” the masked man eventually answers.

“So you can stay alive, that’s why you were taking pictures of my minor daughter?” asks the father.

The creep continues to mumble as the dad tells him, “You’re real brave with your 90 masks on.”

The clip then cuts to the creep bagging up his groceries and almost having a panic attack anytime anyone gets within 10 feet of him.

He then says, “I took a picture because you weren’t wearing a mask, I deleted it.”

“This is incredible guys, this is what they’ve done to our society,” the father comments as Walmart staff ask the creep to leave and tell him he is not welcome back.

In a final bizarre pantomime display, the creep is so paranoid about anyone getting near him that he ducks and jives as if in a boxing match, presumably to avoid the virus.

“Look at how afraid he is of COVID guys, holy cow, look at how frightened he is,” the father concludes.

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