Mass walkouts against vaccine mandates begin NOW: November 8 – 11… but watch out for false flag operators exploiting protest crowds

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Global mass walkouts have begun today in protest against unconstitutional vaccine mandates. The peaceful protest continues for four days, through Nov. 11th, and participants are asked to remain peaceful, avoid bringing weapons of any kind to such protests, and to film everything in order to document attempted false flag operations by deep state saboteurs.

The world is pushing back hard against criminal governments that now seem to be engaged in acts of medical terrorism against their own citizens. With post-vaccine deaths now skyrocketing in Emergency Rooms across the USA and the world, it’s becoming increasingly clear to millions of people that the vaccines are depopulation weapons being deployed against humanity.

See this presentation by Dr. David Martin for more details on the medical treason being committed against humanity: (audio level is low in the original video)

As I explain in my Situation Update podcast, below, this protest week presents a heightened threat window for deep state operatives to carry out false flag operations in which they would deliberately target a drug company, a vaccine clinic or a hospital in order to try to paint anti-vaxxers as “terrorists.”

The lying mainstream media isn’t in the news business; they’re in the theater business. And they need new theater to desperately change the narrative and try to halt the rising backlash against vaccine mandates.

Now 29 US states have joined in suing the Biden administration over the federal vaccine mandate, and on Friday, the Fifth Circuit Appeals Court issued a stay of the order, pending further legal action.

The Biden administration promises to fight for the order, a dangerous overreach of power for OSHA, which is supposed to be focused on workplace safety, not global pandemics.

Vaccine mandates are government OWNERSHIP over your body… slavery!

When someone else has control over your body and can determine what goes into it, you no longer “own” your own body. Vaccine mandates are a form of medical slavery, and they violate numerous amendments in the Bill of Rights, including the Fourteenth Amendment. Vaccine mandates are a violation of civil rights and human rights, and they place the government in the positioning of being able to order you to be injected with literally anything they want as long as they create a sufficient crisis and label the injection a “vaccine.” (Note that the CDC had to change the definition of vaccines in order roll out approval for mRNA interventions…)

Those who are demanding forced vaccinations are simultaneously demanding mass slavery and total obedience to a death cult regime that’s now clearly engaged in acts of democide — death by government.

Ultimately, this issue is likely to end up in front of the US Supreme Court, and if the justices there have any humanity at all, they must strike down vaccine mandates as blatantly unconstitutional.

If they don’t, there will be calls for state-level nullification of OSHA and the entire federal government. It will be time for red states to denounce the criminal cartel in D.C. — conspiring with Big Pharma, Big Tech and Big Media to carry out genocide against humanity — and establish new nations that respect human rights.

In effect, this country may go to war over vaccine mandates unless the Supreme Court smacks them down first.

The Biden regime is trying to drive a wedge through America with the illegal vaccine mandate, and the momentum is now turning against him. That’s a positive sign, but it also means the radical Marxists running the Biden regime will become increasingly desperate in their attempts to assert control and “authority” over the masses. This is why false flag operations are now at the top of their list.

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