Medical industry secret police rolled out network of SNITCHES to ensnare doctors who didn’t worship Fauci

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Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) fascism in the state of Michigan became so extreme throughout the plandemic that roving teams of medical fascists were targeting and snitching on people who refused to bow the knee to Tony Fauci’s dictates.

Hundreds of physicians and nurses, including a chief medical examiner, were also pegged for investigation after they were caught not following the “rules” decreed by Gretchen Whitmer’s regime.

In some cases, doctors were reported for warning trick-or-treaters not to take the “vaccines.” In other cases, entire weddings were reported for not being masked in accordance with the guidelines put forth by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

While many of the complaints were ultimately dismissed, some are still pending. Others have now been referred for disciplinary action to the Michigan Attorney General’s officer for criminal prosecution.

In one of those complaints, an allergy and asthma specialist is being referred for prosecution for the “crime” of prescribing “a lethal dose” of ivermectin to a patient.

Copies of more than 500 such complaints were obtained by the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. PJI is representing some of the nurses and doctors who have been targeted by snitches.

College nursing professor who spoke out against mask mandate at public school board meeting almost lost her license

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs is the agency responsible for investigating the complaints and deciding whether or not to refer them to either its enforcement division or to the AG’s office for further disciplinary action.


Many of the cases are still listed as being “under board review.” The list includes cases procured by PJI and provided to the independent media is current as of Feb. 24, 2022.

One of the cases represented by PJI is that of Holly Austin, a college nursing professor who holds a doctorate in nursing. Austin could have lost her license over the “crime” of speaking as a parent at a public school board meeting in December of 2021 in opposition to the district’s proposed reinstitution of a mask mandate.

Dave Peters, a staff attorney at PJI, says he was shocked to learn that the state would even consider revoking Austin’s license over such a thing, especially since she submitted a 100-page response to the accusations made against her that she was spreading “misinformation.”

“I remember not long ago that such actions by government authorities or anybody else would have had the entire journalist community howling about suppression and chilling free speech,” Peters, who also holds a master’s degree in medicine, is quoted as saying.

The case against Austin was eventually dropped, but it took the state of Michigan almost a year to come to its senses. In a March 3, 2022, letter, the state concluded “that following a thorough review and investigation,” it was determined that “a violation of the Public Health Code cannot be substantiated.”

Austin was hardly alone. Some 200 other medical professionals, including doctors and nurses, were also probed by the state for similar phony “infractions,” including not wearing a mask or not actively promoting the wearing of masks like Fauci was doing.

In one of the cases, a doctor was reported to the state for shaking hands with someone who was not wearing a mask. In another case, a doctor was targeted simply for reporting that he had suffered a bad reaction to the injection.

Ljubisa Dragovic, Chief Medical Examiner for Oakland County, was reported for not wearing a mask while performing autopsies.

“When you are working in an environment with deceased individuals there is no active sneezing or coughing on the part of the cadavers,” Dragovic told The Epoch Times, adding that “you can’t get or give covid to a dead person.”

“It was nonsense.”

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