My Best Buy Mask Experience….

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These retail establishments are discriminating against people full on. All retail stores that are not membership outlets, such as Sams Club, are “public accommodations”. That means that they are required to follow the ADA and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. A membership outlet that you “join” can make rules that say it’s members have to wear masks. All other retail establishments cannot discriminate against someone that cannot wear a mask for health conditions.

Let me tell you about the experience I had in a Best Buy store. On July 28, 2020 I visited a Best Buy and was in desperate need of a modem. I entered the store and told the “door greeter” that I was medically exempt from wearing a face mask. I went straight to the modem picked it up and went straight to the register. The associate says “as per policy, I will not be able to ring this up without a face mask.” I asked him if he was discriminating against me? He then says that I could speak to a supervisor. A supervisor comes up and I tell her that I am medically exempt from wearing a face mask. She tells me that I would have to order online and pick it up curbside. I told her that this was an emergency and I did not have time for that. She then says “that doesn’t warrant that.” I asked her if she was medically discriminating against me? She did not answer. I then asked her if she was aware of the the American Disabilities Act? She said “yes I am.” I could see how this was going to go, so I left. They clearly had a sign on the front of the building stating “small children and those unable to wear one for health reasons may enter without one“.

I ended up sending an email to the District Manager of this Best Buy and described what happened. I sent the photo of the sign as well as copies of ADA Title III and Title II of The Civil Rights Act of 1964. I played phone tag with the General Manager of the Best Buy store a few days later when he reached out to me. I ended up going to the store that day and walked in and told the associate acting like a “gate keeper” to tell the manager that I was there to speak with him. I stepped out into foyer and waited. The associate comes and tells me that the General Manager would not be able to speak with me for another hour. I told him that I would wait as long as it took. As I was standing there, a man walked in without a mask. He walked past the “gate keeper” and he started telling the man that “you need a face mask!” The man told the associate that he had a medical condition. The associate then says to the man “then we will not be able to assist you!” The man told the associate that he was not going to play this game and he walked out. I spoke with the guy and told him what had happened to me and why I was there. I ended up bringing my portable chair into the foyer and I sat there waiting.

I finally had my meeting with the General Manager in an office. He tried to convince me that I should have ordered online and picked it up curbside. I reminded him what the sign said on the outside. He says “it states that you may enter.” I asked him, so I can enter but you will not ring up my purchase? He says “you can now come in and shop without a face mask.” I asked him why the associate and the supervisor treated me like they did? He says “they were just doing what they had been told to do.” I asked him where was it coming from when he told me that I could now come in the store and shop without a face mask? He says “it’s coming from corporate, they have advised me to allow you to come in without a mask.” I asked does that include all of your customers? I told him that I did not want special treatment and asked him again if all customers could come in without a mask and shop? He says “yes they can, but if they need to ask any questions or need assistance they will need a mask.” So the game that they were playing is that you can enter without a mask but they will not assist you in any way including ringing up your purchase. After me challenging them they have decided to let customers in without a mask and now agreeing to ring up their purchase at Best Buy.

People I have been in several Wal-Marts, Krogers, and more without a face mask. When I walk in past their “gate keepers” I say out loud that I have a medical exemption. I also have a body camera on me and make sure that I am recording. I get all kinds of looks from those wearing these “face diapers” but I don’t care! When I see others not wearing a mask in these stores, I give them a thumbs up and tell them thanks. We have got to fight back against what they are attacking us with. This is a test of our submission. Do not be a sheep. Be a WOLF!

(Update – Best Buy “Circles Back” On Masks)

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