National Guard increasingly being deployed to staff hospitals to help sell the “COVID surge” narrative ahead of future lockdowns

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The globalists had a great time during the COVID-19 pandemic because they actually got to play the role of ‘dictator’ and they enjoyed it — so much so they are doing everything they can to continue to sell the lie that the pandemic remains the biggest threat to our existence and, thus, we the sheeple must continue to empower the tyrants who just want to ‘keep us safe.’

Case in point: Now states are increasingly deploying National Guard troops to help staff hospitals after many of these same hospitals fired employees and medical staffers who refused to get a COVID-19 vaccine (cause and effect — set up a problem or issue then ‘solve it’ with a government solution).

In Massachusetts, for instance, Guard troops are deployed at 55 hospitals, but it’s all part of the ruse and conditioning, as SHTFPlan’s Mac Slavo noted.

“Likely being done to get Americans used to seeing the government’s boots on the ground in their local towns, the rulers have sent in the military,” he wrote this week.

“Apparently, according to mainstream media, these National Guard personnel will be assisting hospitals that have a staffing shortage. And why is there a staffing shortage? Because people continue to disobey and refuse to get injected with the experimental gene therapy shots,” he added, noting that the powers that be created the problem in the first place with a vaccine mandate for a virus that has a 98.5 percent and better survival rate, especially for young, healthy people who have no preexisting medical conditions.


Seeing the military on American streets has been a staple throughout the pandemic. It all started in New York City, when then-Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo pushed President Donald Trump to deploy the USNS Comfort, one of two Navy hospital ships, along with enough military personnel to set up a giant field hospital at the Javits Center. Neither of these assets was used much, however, they did help ‘normalize’ the presence of the military on American streets, in U.S. harbors, and in our cities.

Then, of course, came the massive troop deployment following the staged Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol Building, which was an FBI false flag operation all the way and designed to take our attention away from the fact that those same powers that be stole the 2020 election from Trump and Republicans.

Massachusetts isn’t the only state utilizing the Guard to cover for intentional mandate-related healthcare shortages. Circling back to New York, Gov. Kathy Hochul was the first to call up her units to cover nursing and staff shortages, but some locals are onto her.

“Hochul is trying to reel from a self-induced healthcare emergency. After serving the frontlines for almost a year without vaccines, she is now telling those frontline workers who survived the COVID-19 trench warfare to vaccinate…or else, lose your job,” an op-ed in the Shore News Network noted.

“Worse, Hochul is overlooking one critical aspect of deploying healthcare-related MOS National Guard troops. Most of those in the medical field in the guard are also doctors, nurses, EMTs, technicians, and assistants in their own local medical communities,” the op-ed continued.

But of course, that doesn’t matter when the objective, clearly, is to get citizens accustomed to a uniformed presence in our society — and then, an armed uniformed presence.

Don’t get us wrong: Guard troops come from our cities and towns. They are our friends, neighbors, relatives, acquaintances. They live and work in the communities and states they serve. So it’s very likely this is a long-term operation and that eventually, when the time is right and Americans are conditioned enough, Guard forces will be replaced by active-duty forces consisting of men and women from out of state and outside the local communities — troops who have no personal ties to the people they will be asked to oppress.

Slavo advises:

Be ready for anything the best you can. No one knows what will happen. All we have is speculation. As people wake up and figure out they were born onto a slave planet, the rulers will push to keep them there and refuse to give up so easily. Stay aware of what the media is saying even though we know it’s mostly lies and straight propaganda so you are informed as to just how low they will stoop to keep you from being free.

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