NBA Commentator Convulses Live On Air

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Spokesperson claims commentator Bob Rathbun was treated for “dehydration.”

Just another example of the growing trend of individuals suffering bizarre medical episodes on live TV that began after the COVID vaccine rollout.

NBA sportscaster Bob Rathbun suddenly lost consciousness and convulsed live on-air during an Atlanta Hawks basketball game on Tuesday.

The alarming footage shows Rathbun and former Hawks player Dominique Wilkins discussing the upcoming game with Oklahoma City when Rathbun suddenly leaned back and began having a seizure.

Bally Sports Southeast, which aired the Hawks game, said in a statement that Rathbun “briefly lost consciousness on the court” and was treated for “dehydration.”

“Emergency medical professionals on-site quickly treated Rathbun for dehydration,” the statement continued, adding he was taken to Emory Midtown hospital for evaluation.

“He will return to the broadcast booth only after he is well rested and fully recovered,” the Bally Sports statement concluded.

Curiously, the symptoms of dehydration don’t include seizure-like convulsions.

Dehydration was also cited as the cause behind CNA reporter Julie Yoo collapsing live during her coverage of the United Nations COP27 summit last month.

“She was feeling a little unwell due to dehydration and low blood sugar,” Mediacorp stated according to CNA.

Though the cause of these specific incidents remains unclear, mysterious medical episodes being caught on video have seemingly been on the rise following the rollout of the experimental COVID injection.

The prevalent phenomenon has been detailed in the groundbreaking documentary, “Died Suddenly.”

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