Netflix promotes all the BIGGEST LIES about Covid-19 in 3-part series “Coronavirus Explained” to further coerce Americans into getting deadly spike protein jabs

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If you want all your Covid misinformation compiled in one place so you can remember and recognize all the lies being told about the scamdemic, then look no further than the new 3-episode series on Big Pharma’s Netflix called “Coronavirus Explained.” Every big lie that’s NOT based on science and has been perpetuated by mass media about catching Covid, testing for Covid, and vaccinating for Covid is covered in this little misinformation masterpiece. It’s the most comprehensive compilation of misinformation available anywhere.

First off, Netflix is STILL pushing the lie that Covid-19 began in a wet market in China because people were eating bats. That was the original lie that’s been dismantled, debunked and ripped to shreds by science (and admissions from the actual freaks who funded and created Covid with ‘gain of function’ in a lab). This horrible lie is enough to discredit the entire Netflix series right there, and this series just started in April of this year.

Still, it’s worth seeing and hearing all the lies in one place, clearing any clouds of doubt about the truth and the real evidence-based research we’re learning each day about China Flu and how to prevent or beat it.

From debunked narratives like “China wet market” bat-eating origins of Covid to “herd immunity” from spike protein injections, this series has all the propaganda

Netflix perpetuates more lies, like describing how the Fauci Flu jumped from bats to other animals (pangolin, snakes and fish) before jumping to humans.

Then Netflix must address anti-viral medicines and discredit natural remedies, so the narrator reads the script that anti-viral medications are next-to-impossible to make or find, and that no anti-viral medications can defeat a virus.

Of course, then the old debunked “herd immunity” conspiracy theory is propagated, yet as we see all over mainstream media, the vaccinated sheeple are all still wearing their masks, social distancing, locking themselves down, and terrified they’ll still catch Covid. Plus, with booster shots being promoted so heavily and soon to be  mandated, it’s obvious the vaccines don’t work to prevent catching Covid, spreading it or getting a “lesser case” of it. It’s all a con, and Netflix is presenting it Hollywood style for all the gullible takers.

Netflix tells us if we all wait for natural immunity to Covid, millions will die, but millions already died post-vaccination, from Covid and the clot shots

“If enough people get vaccinated, it’s a safe and life-saving short cut to herd immunity,” J.K. Simmons the actor narrates the pharma script of lies. Safe? The vaccines themselves are killing off tens of thousands as reported on VAERS, and that’s probably only one-tenth of the real statistic, since MSM and the vaccine industrial complex are blaming everything BUT the blood-clotting Covid vaccines.

Plus, most deaths from Covid right now are among the “fully-vaccinated,” and that’s backed up by research, just take a look at the death toll in Israel (where they’ve achieved over 80 percent vax rates) and the recent outbreaks in Vermont among the vaccinated. The vaccines are turning out to be the real pandemic, not the China Flu.

Of course, no major misinformation “guide” would be complete without pushing FRAUDULENT testing on the world, so Netflix includes a section in episode one about how important it is to be tested (by fake false-positive PCR tests that classify common colds, flu, bacterial infections and pneumonia as ‘Covid’), and that the easiest way to eradicate Covid is through everyone getting tested all the time. Sure.

Be on the look out for vaccinated individuals suffering from Spike Protein Syndrome, where billions of virus-mimicking particles clog their blood, causing deadly blood clots and myocarditis. Tune your truth news dial to to stay informed of the engineered pitfalls of the Covid scamdemic.

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