New information surfaces regarding Nordstream pipeline sabotage as Biden regime denies responsibility

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New information regarding the act of sabotage against two of Russia’s natural gas pipelines leading to Europe — Nordsteam 1 and 2 — has surfaced.

According to a report in German news outlet Der Spiegel, German security officials think that “highly effective explosive devices” were employed to blow up the pipelines in the Baltic Sea.

According to SPIEGEL information, it was calculated that explosive devices with an effect comparable to that of 500 kilograms of TNT must have been used to destroy the tubes. The seismic signals registered by various measuring stations were also included in the estimate. 

The previously unknown estimates support the assumption that only a state actor can be behind the action. So far, the federal government has held back with speculation about the background to the interruption of the pipelines.

There is a lot of speculation that Russia is behind the action. The Russian leadership, however, described the process as international terrorism directed against Russia.

“The federal government is hoping for more information from a more detailed examination of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, which are interrupted to the north-east and south-east of the Baltic Sea island of Bornholm. In security circles it was said that divers or a remote-controlled robot could possibly assess the damage at the weekend,” the report continued.

“In the best-case scenario, one could then draw initial conclusions about the type of explosion under water and the explosives used, according to security circles. However, it is difficult to predict how many traces can still be found,” the report added.


Officials at the Swedish National Seismic Network said that the two blasts were so big that one measured 1.9 on the Richter scale and another measured 2.3.

“The monitoring network said the first explosion occurred on Monday at 2:03 a.m. Swedish time with a magnitude of 1.9 on the Richter scale, followed by a second at 7:04 p.m. on the same day,” a report noted.

A Bloomberg News journalist, Javier Blas, noted how strong the pipeline sections were, in order to protect them and to prevent leaks.

“How strong is a Nord Stream pipe? Quite! The steel pipe itself has a wall of 4.1 centimeters (1.6 inches), and it’s coated with another 6-11 cm of steel-reinforced concrete. Each section of the pipe weighs 11 tonnes, which goes to 24-25 tonnes after the concrete is applied,” he noted in a tweet that contained several photos of the Nordstream sections

Interestingly, even as the Biden regime is denying responsibility, Zero Hedge reports that the CIA warned German officials weeks ago of a potential attack against the two pipelines.

Interestingly, NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg on Thursday called the incident an act of “sabotage” and pledged a response.

“All currently available information indicates that this is the result of deliberate, reckless, and irresponsible acts of sabotage. We, as Allies, have committed to prepare for, deter and defend against the coercive use of energy and other hybrid tactics by state and non-state actors. Any deliberate attack against Allies’ critical infrastructure would be met with a united and determined response,” a statement from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization said.

“The sabotage of the Nordstream pipelines is of deep concern. #NATO is committed to deter and defend against hybrid attacks. Any deliberate attack against Allies’ critical infrastructure would be met with a united and determined response,” he added in a tweet.

Biden essentially threatened to take out Nordstream 2, at least, not long ago.

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