New study shows that vaccinated people routinely discriminate against their own friends, “breaking up” with those who refuse to take deadly covid jabs

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At least 16 percent of those who decide to get “fully vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) go on to cut ties with their “unvaccinated” loved ones following the stab, a new poll has found.

OnePoll asked 1,000 Americans to reveal their vaccination status along with any changes that occurred with regard to friendship over the past year and a half. It was discovered that one in seven Branch Covidians – meaning people who got jabbed because they buy into the plandemic deception – has axed at least three “unvaccinated” loved ones from their lives for refusing the injections.

Jennifer Aniston, some washed-up Hollywood nobody, told “The Morning Show” that she personally chose to end several friendships because of their unbelief in the Cult of Covidism.

The survey found that opposition to getting injected currently ranks as the top reason why Branch Covidians are “breaking up” with their friends. Lying, making up rumors, and committing infidelity ranked lower on the list.

Nearly every Branch Covidian who responded to the survey said they believe their now-ex-friends who oppose covid injections to be “full-blown anti-vaxxers,” as if this was some kind of insult.

Because they were unable to manipulate their much-smarter-than-them friends into rolling up their sleeves for a Wuhan Injection, these Branch Covidians decided that cutting their loved ones out of their lives was the best solution.

Unvaccinated four times more likely to be “tolerant” of their pro-injection friends

The unvaccinated, conversely, say that they merely want to be left alone to make their own personal health decisions. If their fully vaccinated “friends” cannot accept that, then perhaps they were never real friends in the first place.

While it certainly makes sense that unvaccinated people might feel uncomfortable being around their vaccinated loved ones – who would want to be bombarded by all those vaccine-shed spike proteins? – the same cannot be said for the vaccinated feeling uncomfortable around the unvaccinated.

If your vaccine works, then what are you afraid of? If it is not that, then what is it? Is it simply that you have no tolerance for people who believe differently than you do about a Big Pharma chemical injection? What happened to my body, my choice?

Most of the fully vaccinated who are complaining about the unvaccinated and shunning them from their lives are Democrats, the survey further found. Nearly all Democrats have gotten an injection from Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” arsenal, while maybe half of Republicans have.

It is Democrats, in other words, that are unable to tolerate anyone who does not think and believe exactly as they do. If you think that it is probably not a good idea to take experimental drug cocktails that were rushed to market at “warp speed” in order to cook the books of Wall Street, for instance, then these Democrats will take you to the woodshed for a reeducation whipping.

Interestingly, only about half of the people who took the vaccines still feel confident about their decision, so perhaps there is some Stockholm Syndrome type of thing happening here as well.

Perhaps the fully vaccinated now regret their decision to take the stab and resent their unstabbed friends and family members for holding their ground against the push. The unvaccinated will now go on to live as normal while the vaccinated will be forced to contend with whatever Pandora’s box of vaccine-induced hell comes next for them.

“I think the real question is: Do we want to take care of our sick ‘friends’ that laughed at us for NOT taking the shot?” pondered one commenter at

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