Oklahoma Police Charged With Murder Of A Man With Taser

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These “public servants” are becoming “public murderers” everyday. True law enforcers that defend peoples freedoms are almost extinct in this country. Nearly every law enforcer today are nothing more than power hungry, ego inflated tyrants. They live off of the fear that some people have of them.

I have said it before that the reason I left law enforcement is because of what I saw another deputy do to a man in a wheelchair. He kicked over the wheelchair and kicked the handicapped man several times in the stomach because the man was using the “N word”. When I tried to tell the chain of command, I got the “code of silence” treatment and was asked if I really wanted to go down the road I was going.

In the following video, watch these sorry ass tyrants taze a man 53 times! They taze him so much he dies! I tell you, the law enforcement today don’t know any hand to hand skills. All they want to do is use something from their “bat belt”. During this video I got the sense that these tyrants were really enjoying this. Why hasn’t the BLM raised hell about this man getting murdered?

This video is from Rick on his Good Luck America channel.

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