Our Governments have declared war on us

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This article comes from “citizens.news”

The absurd and pointless sanctions imposed on Russia will cause far more deaths in the UK and the EU than the fighting in Ukraine will kill.

(Article by Dr. Vernon Coleman republished from VernonColeman.org)

The huge rise in energy costs is going to force millions to turn their heating off. Economies which were struggling to recover from the pointless and destructive lockdowns will slide back into a long-term prescribed decline. The widespread and massive increase in prices will result in roaring inflation, interest rate hikes and massive, unending poverty.

And, I repeat, the sanctions imposed on Russia will cause more deaths in Western Europe than they will cause deaths in Russia and they will cause more deaths in the UK alone than the so-called war in Ukraine will cause in that country.

It’s war.

But the war was declared on us by the people whom the innocent and the naive think of as running our governments. Actually, the conspirators declared war on us years ago. And the people whom we think are in charge are controlled by the billionaire conspirators.

Covid was merely the most notable salvo in a war we are destined to lose unless we can learn to pull together and ignore the propaganda and the treacherous mainstream media. If we do lose, it will be because we are divided, obsessed with trivia, don’t follow the big picture and are constantly weakened by the incessant whining and aimless chuntering of the trolls.

Just look around at what is already happening.

Inflation is about to fly into the stratosphere.

Innocent and ignorant people assume that inflation is something that only really affects countries such as Argentina or Zimbabwe. It doesn’t. Inflation in Germany was a major contributory factor behind World War II, and in the 1980s inflation in America went over 20%. In the UK, interest rates hit 17% and home buyers were delighted if they could borrow money at a mere 15%. I suspect that if inflation got anywhere near to that level there would be ten million British families finding themselves on the street – homeless and penniless.


You will own nothing and be happy. Remember?

And, of course, throwing Russian property buyers out of London will inevitably lead to a housing market crash. That’ll push even more people into losing their homes.

You will own nothing and be happy.

The energy price rises deliberately caused by government policies will mean those figures will double in the next twelve months. That’s not a wild prediction; it’s a dark black promise. Check out my track record on www.vernoncoleman.com As long as you ignore the insane mumblings of the mathematical modellers it’s not difficult to work out what will happen next.

And it is already clear that high food prices and broken supply chains will mean that hundreds of millions more will starve to death in Africa. No one, not even Black Lives Matter, seems to give a damn about that.

No one ever asked the public if they were prepared to impoverish themselves – or die – to make a rather pathetic and ineffective point to the Russians.

Russia doesn’t want its war to be over quickly. Putin can see that his war is doing far more damage to the West than to Russia itself.

And yet, as with the climate change fraud and the covid fraud, commitment to these absurd sanctions has been global. Numerous companies are giving in to pressure from tiny but noisy groups on social media and have severed all ties with Russia. Shareholders have not been asked if they agree with what is being done in their names, though in a number of cases the damage done to the companies involved will be catastrophic and possibly terminal.

The real victims will be today’s and tomorrow’s pensioners who will be severely impoverished by this gratuitous virtue signalling arranged by company chiefs anxious to be well regarded on social media and well rewarded in the next honours list.

Most wars seem to start for petty reasons but the people are usually manipulated into supporting them. Conflicts are created to satisfy some requirement of those in charge. The requirements can always be summed up in two words: power and money. Wars often seem to start for no good reason; often over minor diplomatic incidents. Britain and Spain started a war in 1739 after a Captain Robert Jenkins appeared before a House of Commons committee and showed what was left of the ear which was allegedly cut off by Spanish coastguards in 1738. The Franco-Prussian War of 1870 began after the Prussian chancellor deliberately provoked the French into declaring war.

The carefully designed war currently being fought was triggered by the West and no one would give a damn about it if the media hadn’t been paid to promote it and build up the outrage. As Sun Tzu said: ‘All warfare is based on deception.’ War these days is always a media event. The Americans won every battle in Vietnam but somehow managed to lose the war. The Viet Kong consulted Sun Tzu so maybe that gave them an unfair advantage.

The fake pandemic was scripted, packaged and produced by professionals. And this so-called war is no different. It’s ‘Wag the Dog’ again. The billionaire conspirators are conducting their war with neat precision; manipulating the compliant, liberal, leftie luvvies with terrifying skill.

Sun Tzu said a lot of things but try this one: ‘The strategy of positioning evades reality and confronts through illusion.’ He knew what he was talking about, that Sun Tzu. As with the covid illusion we are forced to confront a tactical trick designed to keep us at a disadvantage because we are fighting something that doesn’t exist, cannot be defined and when it does appear to exist is constantly changing.

Everywhere you look the virtue signallers are busy showing us how wonderful they are. All around the world Russians are being isolated and punished for the sin of being Russian.

Soprano Anna Netrebko withdrew from the Metropolitan Opera rather than repudiate her support for her country’s leader – a certain Vladimir Putin. Funny, I hadn’t noticed that the US was at war with Russia. And the career of conductor Valery Gergiev also seems to have collapsed for the same reason. Tennis players and other athletes are isolated and pushed into impossible situations by thousands of flag waving indignant journalists who are, I suspect, waving flags because they’ve been told to do so.

In Wales, the Cardiff Philharmonic orchestra cancelled a Tchaikovsky night of music because Tchaikovsky, who died around 130 years ago, was born in Russia and may have visited Ukraine on his holidays. Perhaps he was spying for Putin. This has to be the most utterly stupid example of virtue signalling I have ever come across. Virtue signalling is now probably taught in schools.

Chelsea football club, which has the misfortune to be owned by a Russian, is under all sorts of bizarre restrictions (like not being allowed to sell tickets to supporters or to sell food to those with season tickets). Bizarrely, however, other big football clubs which are owned by people most of us wouldn’t like to invite to tea are allowed to continue their activities unhindered. Last Saturday, the 12th of March, for example, Chelsea played Newcastle United which seems to be owned by people from Saudi Arabia. Readers will remember that it is alleged that citizens of Saudi Arabia killed a journalist from the Washington Post who criticised the country. The United States intelligence agencies confirmed that the Saudi crown prince approved the murder of the journalist. Oh, and Saudi Arabia’s military intervention in Yemen has created what the United Nations calls `the worst humanitarian crisis in the world’. There may be people who wonder why Chelsea is considered `bad’ but Newcastle United is considered `good’.

Celebrities and virtue signallers everywhere put pressure on governments to do more to help the people of Ukraine. The British Government responded to these bleatings from Schwab’s collaborators by offering £350 a month of taxpayers’ money to people who take immigrants from Ukraine into their homes. The irony is that if the hundreds of celebrities expressing their concern had paid the taxes they probably owe, the entire population of Ukraine could be put up in five star hotels.

You can see what will happen, can’t you? Crooks will cram 12 Ukranian exiles into a terraced house in Wolverhampton or Salford and claim 12 x £350 a month.

There are oddities, inconsistencies and mysteries everywhere you look.

When the oil price went up the value of British oil shares went down. This bizarre contradiction was a consequence of the fact that big investment companies have been frightened away from oil companies by woke, global warming cultists (the sort who like to glue themselves to roads to delay ambulances). Inevitably, pensioners, whose funds are probably still heavily invested in the big oil companies, will be the ones to suffer most.

The billionaire conspirators, now terribly close to victory, will be delighted to know that over a million Ukraine citizens are now displaced persons. The conspirators will be pleased by the pain, the cost and the chaos this will cause. Individuals from Ukraine are now allowed to travel all over Europe – even though two thirds of them are wise enough not to have received a single covid-19 jab. Doesn’t that rather blow a large hole in the rules restricting the movements of the unjabbed?

I bet you that on hearing this, the Bilderbergers ordered another dozen crates of champagne for their next shindig. In Germany, citizens have been told to pack essentials (including medicines) into a bag so that they can leave home quickly if necessary.

And with all media eyes fixed on the third great fraud of the last two years (the other two, of course, being the climate change fraud and the covid-19 fraud) all sorts of bizarre and oppressive laws are being quietly introduced.

It is now illegal to stare at someone in London. Anyone seeing someone staring is ordered to report such incidents to the authorities. It will, therefore, now be illegal to stare into space, to try to read someone’s T-shirt or to admire a hat.

A publication called `The Independent’ ran an article entitled ‘What happens when you get your period during a war?’ You couldn’t make that up, could you?

The seemingly insane woman who apparently owns Scotland allegedly wants us to start shooting down planes flying over Ukraine. This would obviously result in the start of World War III and I can only assume that she will receive extra points from Schwab et al for promoting this lunacy. This is the woman who lives in one of the coldest countries in Europe but doesn’t want fossil fuels, fracking or nuclear power. And probably doesn’t want people burning peat either.

The masked hordes who still fill our shops and streets appear to have lost what little brain tissue they once had. I entered a supermarket the other day and saw a long queue waiting at one till. Everyone in the queue was wearing a mask. None of them seemed to have noticed that there were two other tills open – both with staff members waiting quietly and with nothing to do.

This is not surprising.

The low oxygen levels caused by their masks had doubtless reduced their capacity for rational thought.

And the covid-19 jabs have, of course, also damaged their brains.

Could the jabbed zombies now be responding to subliminal messages telling them to put their masks back on?

Nothing is now impossible.

The conspirators are following a playbook built on propaganda. The fraudulent war will mean more laws and more restrictions. Thousands of un-jabbed Ukranians wandering across Europe will give the conspirators a chance to boost covid numbers and re-introduce lockdowns.

We are living in a world that could have been invented by Lewis Carroll.

We are living in a world where our own governments have declared war on us.

And most people haven’t even noticed.

We need to remain constantly aware and suspicious.

Eternal paranoia is the price of freedom.

Read more at: VernonColeman.org

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