Our Silence Is Our Consent…

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If some globalists come up with a tyrannical plan to strip your nation of it’s sovereign rights and that nations people and government remain silent about such tyranny then that is viewed as consent. It is viewed as acceptance of whatever they are looking to impose upon the people of that nation.

The number of days left on America being able to “return” the tyrannical agenda back to the World Health Organization and The United Nations are rapidly approaching. That deadline is in December 2023. After that they view the “silence as acceptance” and the “product can’t be returned”.

You see, as American sheeple are kicked back watching NFL, NBA, Netflix, and mainstream news the W.H.O. and U.N. have been hard at work making all sorts of amendments to Americas “health and medical sovereignty”. The lack of anyone in Congress or the Senate to reject these amendments is giving the globalist the green light to basically “declare” any “health emergency” and bring in their “stormtroopers” to do whatever they choose to do to Americans.


Here is SGT Report discussing all of this with James Roguski. A man who has dedicated his life to warning us about the total medical takeover of our health freedoms worldwide.