Want to know what’s REALLY in COVID jabs? WATCH as Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger explains

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There is still a lot of confusion out there about what Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines” actually are – hence why the word “vaccines,” in this context, is in quotes. And here this week on the Health Ranger Report to discuss in further detail what these injections actually are was Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, an expert and insider who knows more than many of us do because she worked at the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations where these deadly bioweapons were developed, at least in part.

In speaking with the Health Ranger about the dangers of 5G and other electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) – this particular segment begins around the 22:30 mark in the following video – Dr. Stuckelberger revealed that the contents of COVID jabs are, in fact, bioweapons that were specifically developed for the purpose of harming people, not protecting them against a deadly virus.

“If you’re not vaccinated, if you didn’t get this BioNTech – and you know Pfizer called it BioNTech, it’s bio-nano-tech, or bio-neural tech – and mRNA is mode-RNA,” Dr. Stuckelberger explained in response to a question from the Health Ranger about the interface between the injections, 5G, and other EMFs.

“It’s a computer program, and it is really about – let me start with this: we are humans, and we are bio-electro-magnetic; we have electroencephalogram; we know that our brain functions with +/- electricity impulse stimulus response neural network … they have mapped the brain … they can target your brain, and they can also target those who are vaccinated because they have oxide graphene, and metal, chrome, nickel, aluminum in all vaccines … and they have parasites, and it is all synthetic – nothing biological.”

“It is a receptor, it’s an emitter, and it is like a small micro-computer nanocircuit that turns on and off … if the 5G is on, it puts and triggers this nanocircuit, and if you turn it off it liquifies it. But it can really bio-code” disease, Dr. Stuckelberger warned.

WHO, UN used to warn people against EMF dangers – but not after 2016

All of this and more, as explained by Dr. Stuckelberger in the powerful interview above, explains why the WHO and the UN quietly removed all information from their respective websites about the dangers of 5G and other EMFs.

It used to be that these agencies were more in the business of trying to help protect people from the dangers of our modern world while providing them with information and tools to overcome the onslaught and age gracefully while preventing serious disease. Now, the UN and the WHO are in the business of mass genocide, it would appear.

“It is a bio-code mimicking a disease,” Dr. Stuckelberger further added about the contents of COVID jabs – and likely many other jabs from the past as well – that allow the powers that be to sicken people who have been injected with it simply by blasting them with deadly EMFs that control an on and off switch, so to speak, of these bio-codes.

As she states at the onset of the interview with the Health Ranger, Dr. Stuckelberger has witnessed first-hand this shift at the UN and the WHO from helping people to hurting people. And COVID jabs would seem to be one of these globalist bodies’ most nefarious hurting people schemes to date.

A whole lot more information about Dr. Stuckelberger and her work can be found on her website.

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